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Reflects Resilience of UAE's economy. The 2021 federal budget is the last budget from the UAE’s five-year plan for 2017-2021, focusing on both the country’s social and economic development.​​


Social Development and Social Benefits: AED23.91bn - 41.23% of budget
  • Public, higher and university education programs: AED9.53bn - 16.4% of budget Public education programs: AED6.15bn - 10.6% of budget Higher and university education: AED3.38bn - 5.83% of budget
  • Health care and community protection: AED4.73bn - 8.17% of budget
  • Programs to guarantee social rights and social integration: AED3.21bn - 5.54% of budget
  • Social benefits programs/pensions: AED4.64bn - 8% of budget
  • Other services: AED1.77bn - 3.06% of budget
Government Affairs: AED21.46bn - 37% of budget
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Federal Projects: AED 2.95bn - 5.09% of budget
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UAE approved Budget 2021: AED58bn

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Enhancing Quality of Life

The 2021 budget, totaling AED58.113bn, centers on the wellness and prosperity of UAE citizens. From providing easy access to government services to ensuring high standards of living, budget allocations have been distributed among projects that will enhance the overall quality of life in the Emirates.

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Business-Conducive Environment

Developing an infrastructure that fosters investment, along with attracting businesses from all over the world, have long been priorities for the UAE government, but the 2021 budget has also seen a significant amount allocated to projects that enable an economy based on knowledge, Smart technology and advanced sciences.

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Elevating the Competitiveness of the UAE

Increasing the UAE’s competitiveness in various fields is, in essence, raising the standards of living for UAE citizens, residents and businesses. From high-level educational systems to ensuring a rich business culture and impeccable legislative system, the 2021 budget will be spent on raising the bar even higher.

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Innovation is the Way Forward

Investing in innovative sectors, systems and processes has been the focus of the UAE for the past few years and this will remain next year. Digitizing systems and processes, along with allocations for outer space programs, is also part of the UAE’s budget for 2021.

Statistical folder of the federal general budget for the fiscal year 2021 (this content is available in Arabic only)

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