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​The federal budget for fiscal year 2020 amounts to AED 61.35 billion
This is the largest budget ever in the history of the UAE, and with zero-deficit

The UAE has approved a zero-deficit federal budget of AED 61.35 billion for the fiscal year 2020. This amount reflects an increase of nearly 2% compared to the AED 60.29 billion budget of the fiscal year 2019, thus making the 2020 federal budget the largest since the establishment of the country. One third of the budget is dedicated to social development, one third to government affairs, and the remainder allocated to infrastructure, economic resources and social benefits.

Allocations of the federal consolidated budget for the fiscal year 2020

The 2020 federal budget reflects the strength of the national economy and the sustainability of resources to finance the country's development, economic and social projects. The largest portion of the federal budget has been allocated to the social development and social benefits sectors, with AED 21.90 billion of the total budget (31.13%) for social development and AED 4.56 billion (6.49%) for social benefits, while AED 9.85 billion (14.00% of the budget) was allotted to infrastructure and economic resources and AED 22.95 billion (32.61% of the budget) to government affairs.

Social development and social benefits project allocations of the consolidated budget

In order to improve living standards and provide a decent life for citizens and residents in the UAE, the allocations for the social development and social benefits sectors have been allotted to programmes, projects and initiatives that will enhance the education sector in the country, improve the quality of healthcare to provide the highest levels of medical services, support housing programmes for citizens, and improve the quality of life for special groups in society.

The development of the UAE’s federal budget over the past ten years
Increased by more than 50% between 2011 and 2020