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Federal Budget 2017

Prepared according to the zero-based budget model

In late October 2016, the UAE Cabinet approved the federal budget draft submitted by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) for the fiscal year 2017, with a total spending of AED 48.7 billion as part of the five-year budget cycle 2017-2021, estimated at AED 247.3 billion.

The budget was prepared in tandem with the zero-based budget principles adopted by the UAE, which is based on a medium-term strategic operational plan that aims to monitor government financial performance, achieve the developmental objectives and avoid over-expenditure or wasting of public funds; it is also consistent with initiatives and projects adopted in the federal government strategy. The financial resources were utilised to achieve the highest degree of prosperity and welfare for citizens and residents through focusing on health, education and community welfare as key pillars for the development of society.

Budget Process

In the budgeting process, MoF was keen to have access to real cost through measuring the financial impact of all government activities from the beginning and comparing them to the cost of similar activities undertaken by other entities in the public and private sectors. The ministry also worked hard to enhance performance by following best local and global practices in order to achieve a positive impact on society with government spending and attain the highest returns possible.

Federal Budget Allocation 2017

51.7% of the Federal Budget 2017 is dedicated to sectors affecting the lives of UAE citizens, compared to 42% for government affairs


10.2 BILLION %20.5

Public and higher education sector

The largest portion of funding is put into ensuring the quality of education in the UAE as one of the highest in the region.


4.2 BILLION %8.6

Healthcare and protection of society

This amount has been set aside to maintain UAE emergency services, including Police, Ambulance and Civil Defence.


4 BILLION %8.2


AED 4 billion will be placed into securing the financial future of Emiratis approaching the retirement age of 49, so as they may enjoy the same standard of life beyond retirement..


3.2 BILLION%6.6

Community development

Community development for social rights guarantee and social integration programmes to be implemented by the Ministry of Community Development


1.6 BILLION%3.3


An amount of 1.4 billion is assigned for housing grants and loans to ensure the provision of adequate housing for citizens



For maintaining clear policies and supporting the UAE’s regional and global relations



For programmes for the development of the judiciary divided as follows:

  • 297 million for the programmes of the judicial system and services provided by courts and prosecution offices

  • 26 million for the development programmes of legislation and legal services



For federal projects, divided as follows:

  • 1.4bn for projects under the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme

  • 891 million for federal ministry projects

  • 771 million for the development of power and water projects to be implemented by the Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA)

  • 13.5 million for the projects of the Ministry of Education

  • 215 million for establishing police and civil defence centres, and headquarters of naturalisation and residence and science laboratories



To support government innovation

Through the establishment of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Fund to Finance Innovation​​​