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Federal Budget Preparation​

MoF moved from the “Line Item Budget” applied in 1972 to “Programme​ and Performance-based Budgeting” in 2001. In 2008, a medium-term (three-year) budget was implemented until the medium-term zero-based budget was adopted in 2011. Then, in 2014, COFOG and an automated system were implemented until a five-year zero-based budget was adopted for the term 2017 - 2021

In the last 44 years, the UAE's budget has increased more than 242-fold from AED 200 million in 1972 to AED 48.5 billion in 2016. This has been accomplished through optimal distribution, efficient use of resources, and maintaining a balance between revenue and expenditures

The federal budgeting process consists of five phases implemented according to laws, regulations, circulars and relevant manuals, namely: planning, preparation, reviewing, approval and execution. Budget expenses and allocations are distributed to the six following sectors: social development, social benefits, infrastructure and economic resources, government affairs, financial assets and investments, and other federal expenses.

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