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Budget Development

UAE budget development stages from 1972

Figures show that the UAE's budget increased more than 242-fold in 44 years, from AED 200 million in 1972 to AED 48.557 billion in 2016.

It was in 1972, when "line item budget" was first applied to determine the types and volume of expenditure against allocations for each line item without linking them to the objectives to be achieved.

In 2001, and after studying international experiences, “Program and Performance-based Budgeting” was adopted, and input allocations were linked to output objectives. In 2011/2013, a medium-term (three-year) budget was introduced and followed according to the zero-based budget framework, which specifies activities and services against the cost. This results in a better use of resources and expenditure to achieve the best results. As of 2014, COFOG and an automated system were implemented for budgeting process.

The aim of the budget development and increase of allocations was the implementation of plans and initiatives to develop infrastructure, improve the quality of education and health services in the UAE, and enhance the performance of all sectors that serve UAE citizens and residents. Federal budgets have always given priority to benefits and social development, such as providing housing, health care and education for citizens.

Federal budget development stages over the years

Federal budget development stages over the years
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