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The Year of Zayed marks 100 years since the UAE’s Founding Father was born in Al Hosn Palace Al Ain.

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan played a central role in the unification of the emirates, and was elected as the first leader of the newly formed nation. His tireless work for the prosperity of his people, his vision for the nation, his dedication to helping those in need, and his overwhelming generosity and selflessness are just some of the qualities for which Zayed is so fondly remembered, and 2018 is a year in which the people of the UAE are encouraged to promote the same values as our great founder – tolerance, virtue, progression, leadership, charity and environmentalism.​​​

Zayed’s Timeless Legacy… The Nation’s Guiding Spirit


Each year the accomplishment of Zayed in forming the United Arab Emirates is remembered with the National Day celebrations, but Zayed’s legacy includes much more than the unification. Many of achievements began the UAE on the pathway to where it is today. that can be seen across the UAE today.


In Memory of the Founding Father

Sheikh Zayed was the light and the guide who lead the United Arab Emirates forward into a new era of independence and unity; where prosperity could finally grow, and happiness could flourish. He laid the first steps and he walked them himself, helping everyone else along the way. A great man who stayed true to his values and beliefs, and always put the hope, dreams and welfare of his people before all else.

No matter how many buildings, foundations, schools and hospitals we build, or how many bridges we raise, all these are material entities. The real spirit behind the progress is the human spirit, the able man with his intellect and capabilities.

Sheikh Zayed
Sheikh Zayed has instilled in us the willpower and determination to challenge and achieve the impossible. This is why we are always convinced that we are capable of being pioneers and to become one of the best countries in the world. He inspired us to see his way to the future, to follow in his footsteps with confidence and insight, and to consolidate the gains and achievements.”
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai
Sheikh Zayed's strong faith in international diplomacy and his generosity in assisting poor and developing countries have won him fame and recognition outside his own country.
Kofi Annan, Former UN Secretary General
Sheikh Zayed set a model for wise and aspiring leadership, and we are inspired by his noble values through the stands that reflect Sheikh Zayed - the human and the leader. We are inspired by his principles to draw from all that our country and society needs to maintain its leading position on the global stage.
Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces
Sheikh Zayed was a wise leader who guided his country towards progress and prosperity, making the UAE rise to an unprecedented position of prominence in the world. Zayed the generous and leading philanthropist extended a helping hand to all needy people around the world.
Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah