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Issuing and Developing the Consolidated Financial Procedures Manual

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This service provides a detailed manual for all government financial procedures and the required steps for each procedure in terms of description, attachments and legal reference. This manual is updated annually in accordance with issued regulations, resolutions and circulations in order to ensure implementation by the ministries to improve and develop services, and to keep pace with the changes.

Duration of service provision

66 Working days

Location of service provision

E-mail, MoF website, e-system of the Procedures Manual.

Target Audience

ministries and federal authorities

Service Card

Consolidated Financial Procedures Manual (this content is available in arabic only)

Responsible Department

Policies and Accounting Standards.

Responsible Officer

Mr\ Waleed Abdullah Alzarooni

Direct Number 043110143

Ms\ Buthaina Al Hosani

Direct Number ​​026987346


Requirements to get the service

The service is offered upon the submittal of a request to modify procedures by the concerned department within MoF or a federal ministry, along with a list of the required modifications.


This service required a registration to register click here

Service Fees

There is no Fees

Required Documents

  1. Official Book .

  2. List of the Required modification

Service implementation procedures/steps:

  1. Request is submitted by the concerned department at the ministry or federal ministries including their suggestions regarding modifying/ adding/deleting a procedure

  2. Proposed suggestions are examined

  3. Response is sent to the concerned department within the ministry or federal ministries regarding the suggestion proposed

  4. Report is prepared on the requested modifications and submitted to the Cabinet

  5. Procedures are modified within the e-system

  6. Final version of the Manual is prepared and a printing facility enlisted to print it

  7. Manual is distributed to all departments, ministries and federal entities

  8. Updated version of the manual is published on both the internal and external websites of MoF


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