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This service deals with providing a response from the concerned department at the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to customers who wish to enquire about the ministry’s methods of work or procedures, for the purpose of facilitating the process of dealing with MoF procedures.

Duration of service provision

2 Working days starting from the date the customer send his inqueries

Location of service provision

Website or Smart phone application

Target Audience

It is provided to all customers, whether institutions, companies, citizens, residents or visitors.

Service Description Card

Responsible Department

Institutional Development Department

Responsible Officer

Buthaina Dahi

Direct Number 04 311 0556


Requirements to get the service

To apply for the service, you must have an email and an account on the system


This services doesn't require a registration on the ministry website

Service Fees

There is no Fees​​​

Required Documents

This service does not require any document submissions

Service implementation procedures/steps:

  1. The customer submits the enquiry via the website or any of the available communication channels.

  2. The customer signs in to the service, then fills out and sends the enquiry application form.

  3. The customer shall receive an email that contains a password for the purpose of following-up on the application via the website

  4. The Department of Institutional Excellence communicates internally with the relevant department(s) to answer the enquiry.

  5. The customer receives a reply regarding the enquiry through one of the available communication channels.

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