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MoF provides the government sector (56 ministries and government entities) with the largest share of its smart/online services. It also offers services through its automated system for preparing budgets, e-mail, landline phone, correspondences and periodic visits. These services are divided into six categories, namely: Government Revenues, Federal Financial Procedures, Budget Services, e-Dirham, Tax Domicile Certificate and Customer Care.

Budget services are at the heart of MoF’s work and services provided to the government sector. These services cover developing and approving government revenue forecasts and the budgets of federal entities, transferring allocations between chapters and programmes, providing technical and accounting support, training employees in charge of implementing the financial and federal procedures, modifying budget programme structure, in addition to preparing and submitting the Consolidated Final Account of the Budget to the Federal Government, among other services.​


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Budget Services


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Federal Financial Procedures


Customer Care


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