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Approving applications for linking to e-Dirham

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This service allows for the approval and execution of applications for concerned entities to link with the e-Dirham system - according to a specific schedule from the date of receipt of the application from the entity.

Duration of service provision

60 working days.

Location of service provision

MoF website

Target Audience

ministries, federal authorities, local government entities and private sector companies that meet the conditions and the specified criteria.

Service Description Card

Responsible Department

General Revenue Department

Responsible Officer

MS Mona Al Mulla

Direct Number: 043110637


Mr Sumeet Choudhary

Direct Number: 04​3110638


Requirements to get the service

The need and readiness of the entity to link to the e- Dirham system, the existence of a resolution governing the fees, and submitting an application with the required documents


No registration is needed

Service Fees

There is no Fees

Required Documents

  1. The application form for linking to the system

  2. Signed document for joining the e- Dirham system

  3. The form for implementing the table of linking

Service implementation procedures/steps:

  1. Receipt of the document for joining the system and the documented linking application.

  2. Preparing the documents required for the linking process.

  3. Verifying the suitability of the infrastructure at the concerned entity.

  4. Implementing the linking procedures with the technical team.

  5. Overseeing the insertion of the prescribed fees in the system.

  6. Completing the linking process and launching the required service.

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