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MoF organises the Annual Suppliers Forum 2020


As part of its continuous efforts to enhance communication with customers; and to introduce the latest electronic and smart services, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) organised the 2020 Annual Suppliers Forum, which took place yesterday. H.E. Mariam Mohammed Al Amiri, Undersecretary, Financial Management Sector; and a number of MoF's departments' directors attended the forum, which was held virtually.


H.E. Mariam Mohammed Al Amiri welcomed the suppliers and productive families' owners who are participating for the first time. H.E. reiterated the importance of joint coordination between MoF and its strategic partners, and reiterated the ministry's keenness to consolidate permanent cooperation and open communication networks that are mutually beneficial. H.E. said: “We are pleased to welcome MoF's suppliers and the Federal Government's suppliers, including Emirati SMEs representatives and some business owners from licensed productive families to this year's forum. We expect more participation in the coming years, especially in light of exempting the aforementioned category from paying registration or renewal fees in the Federal Supplier Register."


The forum introduced the main advantages and incentives offered by MoF to the suppliers. These advantages include the reduction of registration fees in MoF's Federal Supplier Register - from AED 1000 to AED 500; canceling the registration renewal fees in the Suppliers Register; and canceling the tender brochure's purchase fees. Also introduced were the benefits offered by MoF to SMEs' owners, including exempting SMEs from paying registration fees for the first two years from their date of establishment; giving a 10% price preference to SMEs; and directing 10% of government procurement to SME owners. These benefits and incentives are in line with MoF's belief in the importance of SMEs participating in government procurement; publicising their activities; and communicating with government entities.


H.E. Al Amiri said: “The Ministry of Finance devotes great efforts to support SMEs, as they play a vital role in supporting the local economy and achieving sustainability. The ministry is also keen to enhance communication with its strategic partners, and welcomes their feedback to help improve the financial management process at the federal government level, in way that meets their requirements."


During the forum, the winning company of the 2020's supplier evaluation was announced. This procedure is adopted in the federal government, where the departments that used a supplier's services can evaluate them upon project completion. The evaluation is based on specific criteria, including the extent to which the service matched the predetermined specifications; the level of service; the extent of cooperation and response to requirements; the availability of technical support; the experience of the team and more.


The latest changes in supplier-related policies' were also reviewed during the forum. The forum also discussed the most prominent developments and updates related to suppliers' services, including registration and renewal - which simplified the customer journey. These updates include the new registration procedures related to registration conditions in the Federal Suppliers Register, the required documents, and service fees.​​


MoF organises the Annual Suppliers Forum 2020