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The Government Communication Department is in charge of developing and implementing an integrated strategy for internal and external communications, in accordance with the guidance of the Government Communication Office of the Federal Government and the government directions. It also takes responsibility for discussing areas of communication and partnership with various government institutions in order to support the policies, programmes and strategic plan of the ministry.

In addition, the department conducts several information activities and develops tools to communicate effectively with various categories of customers and the public, organises internal information activities of the ministry, encourages the optimal use of communication skills and tools, oversees the use of Corporate Identity Applications and manages the MoF website and social media channels; coordinating with various ministry departments.


Contact the Government Communication Department

Saif Ali Al Khatri
Director of Governmental Communication Department

+971 4 311 0500

Azza Ali Ahmed Al Jasmi
Director of Media Communication Division

+971 4 311 0572


Government Communication Department Structure​

The Government Communication Department is made up of two divisions; one for coordination and follow-up, the other for partnership relations, social responsibility and happiness.

The Media and Electronic Communication Division

The Media and Electronic Communication Division has departments working on media relations, news editing and monitoring and archiving.

The tasks handled by this department include the development of innovative media plans and media campaigns to enhance MoF’s presence in the media and the provision of technical support to official spokespersons.

All media activities are prepared and implemented, including news updates, online bulletins, stories and media reports. In addition the team monitors and archives financial and economic news, prepares media and analytical reports on published news, and publishes and archives MoF's own activities and events.

The MoF website, social media channels and corporate identity are also managed by the department, whereby the principles of creativity and excellence are upheld by applying approved quality standards, and taking into account the evaluation standards set by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

Content management, development, preparing awareness-raising campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube all come under the authority of the department, as does the overseeing of advertising material, promotion of MoF's programmes, projects and work, and implementing and developing a corporate identity.

Institutional and Community Partnership Division

This division deals with three strategic themes related to MoF’s work and plans, namely:

Partnership Relations; A department manages relations with local and international partners. This is achieved via effective communication, concluding agreements, and organising meetings according to the applicable policies at MoF. It also monitors partner views and feedback by carrying out surveys.

Social Responsibility; A department handles the organising of events and internal activities for employees, initiatives and awareness-raising campaigns for various segments of society. It also highlights the ministry's role and commitment to social and national responsibilities in various fields.

Happiness; In line with its commitment to implement government plans and programmes, as well as the “Ministry of Finance… Happiest Ministry” initiative launched by the Minister of Finance, MoF aims to increase the happiness levels of the public.

The Government Communication Department seeks to organise campaigns to make employees happy, to develop plans to achieve partner satisfaction, to meet the needs of media personnel, and to raise awareness of positive concepts and happiness in the community