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Communication Strategy

Objectives and priorities of the Government Communication Strategy

The MoF Media Policy for government communication has been drawn up to achieve the following objectives and priorities:

Strategic Objectives

Support targets and priorities of the national agenda and the UAE Vision 2021

Strategic Priorities
  • Consolidate the importance and strategic role of government communication in decision-making and change management
  • Develop and evaluate government communication efforts to support the ministry's vision

Enhance MoF internal and external communication, and responding to media requests

Strategic Priorities
  • Develop the media messages system in line with internal and external communication in the ministry
  • Enhance cooperation and harness best practices in the field of government communication inside and outside the UAE

Manage the image of MoF creatively and effectively across all sections of media

Strategic Priorities
  • Support government communication teams in the field of government innovation to facilitate the promotion of communication work
  • Develop the government communication materials industry and focus on innovative and effective use of media elements

Develop a balanced system to manage regional and international media relations

Strategic Priorities
  • Develop relations with representatives of regional and international media
  • Shed light on outstanding programmes and initiatives in the international media

Media messages

MoF’s media messages adhere to the values of honesty, transparency and commitment, and aim to achieve growth, excellence and sustainable development. These include:

Official media line on the
federal budget

MoF is committed to adopting best practices for the management of government financial resources in order to achieve stability and sustainability.

Official media line on the
collection of government revenues

MoF is committed to reviewing and updating the list of government services fees periodically, and is keen to develop E-Systems for collection according to the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Official media line on
financial policies and procedures

MoF is keen to develop a well-established platform of specialised standards and policies in the field of government financial management.

Official media line on
international financial relations

MoF seeks to strengthen the network of the UAE's relations with various countries around the world, as well as regional and international financial institutions.

Official media line on the
GCC common market

MoF believes in the importance of adopting organisational excellence as an essential tool to achieving success, rather than being just an objective that must be achieved.

Official media line on the
government excellence system

MoF believes in the importance of adopting organisational excellence as an essential tool to achieving success, rather than being just an objective that must be achieved.


Target Audience

Ensuring a connection

The messages of the Government Communication Department at MoF target a large segment of the public, namely:


Government institutions


Individual customers; citizens and residents of the UAE


Partners within thepublic, private, financial and banking sectors


Suppliers and investors


Regional and international financial authorities and organisations


Communication channels

The Government Communication Department works with audio, visual, print and electronic media, including social media, forums, direct chat applications, phones and SMS, among others.