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Federal Law concerning the regulation of the telecommunications sector and its amendments

Hereby an independent public authority has been established, under the name of the General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector, for the purpose of performing the functions and implementing the duties given to it under the provisions of the present decree of law and the executive regulations thereof.

The authority is the competent body to oversee the telecommunications sector in the state and all licensees. The authority shall exercise its functions and powers under the provisions of this Federal Law by Decree and the executive regulations thereof.

The exclusive privilege of undertaking the transmission of wire and wireless communications, their operation and maintenance and the development of a general communications system within the state and between the state and foreign countries conferred on Etisalat Corporation shall hereby cease to exist.\

Subject to the provisions of any transitional provisions of this Federal Law by Decree, all functions conferred on Etisalat Corporation that conflict with the powers, competences, and functions of the Board of Directors shall cease to be performed by Etisalat Corporation.

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