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Federal Law No. 7 of 2002 Concerning copyrights and neighboring rights

This law shall provide protection to authors of the works and the holders of the neighboring rights, in case an aggression against their rights occurs in the state. Protection does not extend to mere ideas, procedures, methods of work, mathematical understandings, principles and abstract facts.

This law shall define author’s rights. These rights include the following:

  • The right to determine first publication of the work.

  • The right of writing the work in his name.

  • The right to protest against alteration of the work if the alteration leads to distortion or mutation.

  • The right to withdraw his work from circulation.

  • The performers and their general successors enjoy a literary right, which is not assignable or prescribeable, but authorises them to do the following:

  • The right of having the performance in their names whether live or recorded.

  • The right to suspend any distortion, mutilation, modification or derogation action, which would be prejudicial to their status.

The law properly covers all substantive issues pertaining to author’s rights and neighboring rights.

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