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The Federal Decree Law No. (15) of 2018 on the collection of revenue and public funds

​​The Federal Decree No. (15) Of 2018 on the collection of revenues and public funds aims to expedite claim, implementation and settlement procedures and collection of debt from income, taxes, fees and public funds, owed by debtors who have accrued rights to Federal Government entities as creditors.

The Law sets out the debt's maturity date under the country's enforced legislation, or the conventions that resulted from it, as well as the steps to be taken if the maturity date is not specified.

Under the Law, an organizational unit will be established within the Ministry of Finance to collect the debts owed. The Unit will have the same authority legally as the creditor in terms of implementation and settlement of debt collection. The terms of reference of the Unit include the chapter on grievances filed by the debtor, as well as any other functions related to the claim, implementation, settlement and collection of debts, as determined by the UAE Cabinet.