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Explore the Federal Decree-Laws, Legislations, Circulars, and Manuals Regulating the UAE Financial Sector

In this section of the MoF website, you can read and review about the federal legislations, regulating the financial sector in the United Arab Emirates including laws, decree laws, resolutions manuals, circulars and other legal documents. These represent MoF’s efforts and strategic role in developing the legislation, laws and regulations pertaining to financial systems in the UAE, as well as its sustained plans to enhance the legal culture and make it available to federal employees, business owners, legal researchers and those interested in the law. The various pages in this section are divided into major topics that cover all the respective legislation (laws, decrees, resolutions, regulations and circulars). The website also provides a smart search engine through which users can easily access all financial laws, quickly, conveniently and efficiently.

Uae Financial laws portal


Use our smart search engine, available in the advanced search portal, to easily access financial laws and legislations. The engine is loaded with advanced semantic and intuitive search capabilities that enable you to search within the categories of sectors, keywords, or classifications of legal documents. The engine also features other smart search technologies that help you find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Uae Financial laws portal

Topics regulated by financial laws in the UAE

This page features all laws regulating the financial sector in the United Arab Emirates, including federal laws, decree laws, Cabinet resolutions, ministerial resolutions, manuals and circulars that govern the following topics: public revenues and expenditures; the federal budget; Economic Substance Regulations; bankruptcy and insolvency laws; tax legislation; laws to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism; laws concerning the rights to movable property, financial leasing, credit information, netting, and the structure of financial institutions and their activities.