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Explore the federal laws regulating the financial sector in the UAE

On this page, you can read about the federal laws, including decree laws, manuals, circulars and legal documents, related to the financial sector in the United Arab Emirates. These laws are divided into 10 main sections, allowing you to find the legislation you are looking for quite easily. These sections include the legislations regulating the; Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Guarantees, Organisation of Financial Institutions and Activities, Financial Leasing, Public Revenues and Expenses, Federal Real Estate Properties, General Federal Budget, Automatic Exchange of Information, Economic Substance Regulations, and Tax Legislations.

Here also you can find the Cabinet resolutions related to the automatic collection and exchange of information, and the tasks of the Financial Reorganization Committee. In addition, you can find the details of the Economic Substance Regulations, including the requirements of licensees and the submission of Economic Substance Reports by multinational companies. You can also find the manual of main policies and procedures for operations and transactions related to the leasing of federal government real estate and properties, as well as the anti-fraud manual of the federal government.

You’ll find all the information you may need on tax legislation in this section too, including VAT, the federal law guaranteeing the rights to movable property, laws regulating financial institutions and activities, in addition to many other UAE legislations and circulars.