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General Budget

​​Procedures Manual for Budget Preparation

The budget preparation manual is the official reference for all federal budget preparation procedures including a calendar to set forth key dates and assign responsibilities and specify requirements. The manual complements, rather than replaces, the budget implementation manual, strategic planning manual, performance management manual, and the manual for the automated budget preparation system.

The objective of the manual: to help officials with the procedures related to the preparation of the budget in federal entities to fully implement their tasks and the provisions for future budget preparation sessions.​

Procedures Manual for Budget Preparation

Government expenditure by function (COFOG) Manual

The manual includes a detailed classification of government expenditure by function (COFOG), social and economic goals that federal entities wish to achieve through various types of expenses by functions (services). The statistics extracted through this process will help in studying the effectiveness of government programmes across all designations.

Government expenditure by function (COFOG) Manual​​

Manual for rules for allocating costs on services and activities

The structure (programmes, activities and services) identified in accordance with the strategic goals of ministries and federal entities, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, is considered the key foundation for the preparation of the budget. Through this scope the process of allocating employees on their programmes is identified as well as the costs.

Manual for rules for allocating costs on services and activities