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Amending some of the provisions of procurement regulation and storehouses management in federal government

The financial circular issued contained the Cabinet Resolution NO. 43 of 2016 on amending some of the provisions of the Cabinet Resolution No. 32 of 2014 concerning procurement regulation and storehouse management in the federal government based on the Minister of State for Financial Affairs proposal. The amendments stipulated that the regulation shall be applied to all purchases, supply agreements, executions of the work, services provided, regulation and monitoring processes of storage operations and procedures in federal entities except for those of the Ministry of Defense, the Supreme Council for National Security, the Ministry of Interior's military procurement and the government procurement related to international agreements and obligations of the UAE, as well as the fixed assets outlined in the third chapter of the budget in relation to constructions currently underway, and pharmaceutical procurement.

The amendments made it permissible for federal entities to develop a flexible procurement system to buy commonly used goods and services

Financial circular NO. 13 of 2016 containing the Cabinet Resolution on amending some of the provisions of Procurement Regulation and Storehouses Management in Federal Government