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MoF Strategic Plan 2017-2021

An ambitious strategy for a promising future

​​​ The Ministry of Finance has developed an ambitious but realistic strategy, targeted at centralising and providing the highest levels of service to its diverse range of valued customers. The ministry has also taken into account the significant impact of regional and international changes financially and economically, and these factors have been considered in drawing up the strategy. The plan was prepared and developed through the joint efforts of leaders, managers and offcials within various departments and organisational units, while comprising the key considerations.

Key considerations of the MoF Strategic Plan


MoF Strategic Goals

Six strategic goals were defined by the fourth strategic cycle; and each strategic goal consists of a number of initiatives to ensure its full implementation.
Below are the strategic goals and the initiatives:​

First Strategic Goal

Promote the fiscal planning of the Federal Government and the general fiscal sustainability

  • Develop the strategic fiscal planning in the Federal Government

  • General fiscal sustainability and risk management

  • Develop an environment that fosters innovation in the Federal Government

  • Develop a framework to collect data, and create the processes and tools for fiscal planning

  • Build fiscal and economic capacities in the Federal Government

Third Strategic Goal

Maintain the financial and economic interests of the UAE at an international level.

  • Develop and improve the relations with the international financial organisations and institutions

  • Develop and promote international financial relations bilaterally

  • Activate opportunities and advantages of GCC joint financial and economic integration

Fifth Strategic Goal

Render all administrative services as per the highest standards of quality, effciency and transparency.

  • Managing financial resources effectively and efficiently

  • Managing procurement as per the best international practices

  • Applying the best HR practices

  • Ensuring implementation of quality standards and organisational excellence

  • Developing the strategic plan and performance measurement

  • Ensuring achievement of internal and external communication

  • Providing the latest IT services

  • Providing the best legal services

  • Applying best international leadership practices

  • Providing joint services for all organisational units in a highly effective manner