Launching the Digital Procurement Platform to support transformation

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) developed the Digital Procurement Platform designed to develop procurement processes and improve the efficiency and mechanisms of government expenditure. The Digital Procurement Platform is a part of the UAE leadership’s efforts to support the digital transformation of procurement across the federal entities, aligned with the UAE’s vision and strategy. The MoF developed a strategic roadmap based on:

Digital Transformation
Integration with Federal Financial Systems
Anticipation of Proactive Services
Flexible Procurement Policy

Digital Procurement Platform benefits

The Digital Procurement Platform aims to ensure good governance, provide a flexible procurement policy and promote integration with federal financial systems. The platform enables e-purchases (catalogue), as it includes all goods and services needed by various government entities to facilitate the classification of products and services offered. Designed to develop proactive services that improve user experience, this digitally advanced platform will improve government procurement and enhance spending efficiency across federal entities by awarding long-term procurement contracts up to three years to ensure the best prices and quality. The platform will also help accelerate procedures while ensuring the availability of the allocated budgets, and enhance the efficiency of procurement planning and management at the federal level.

Reducing government procurement process time from 60 days to 6 minutes
Enhancing efficiencies in government spending
Harnessing innovations in e-Commerce
Supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs

Launching phases of the Digital Procurement Platform

The MoF launched the pilot phase of the Digital Procurement Platform across several entities by the end of 2021. The platform will be launched in phases (phases 1 and 2) across all federal entities in 2022. The MoF addressed all challenges faced by this project during 2020, particularly the transition to remote work in response to COVID-19 pandemic, which had a direct impact on the project plan. The Ministry developed solutions to work and cooperate with all parties concerned and provided the necessary enablers and support by dedicating professional teams to provide technical support to the users in the federal entities and respond to all their inquiries.







The platform supports suppliers from entrepreneurs and SME owners

The Ministry of Finance aims to develop strong commercial relations with key strategic suppliers to support the business sector in the UAE, particularly entrepreneurs and SMEs, as the Ministry believes in the importance of their role in diversifying and developing the national economy and in driving the comprehensive and sustainable development in the UAE. The Ministry manages, registers and qualifies suppliers to participate in tenders submitted by the federal government and maintains a main list of suppliers. The new platform facilitates the registration processes in the Federal Supplier Register and classifies suppliers under a specific set of criteria (for example: importance, innovation, supplier profile, spending, risks, etc.) in order to encourage suppliers to innovate and develop. In line with its commitment to develop and facilitate the procurement process in the federal government, the Ministry held a range of interactive workshops with suppliers to train them on the new processes for supplier registration and participation in tenders and practices, wherein a user guide was provided as a reference for them.

Benefits of the Digital Procurement Platform

  • No registration fee
  • During the evaluation process, 10% is added when calculating the final score for SMEs
  • SMEs get 10% of purchases by monitoring their spending percentage on an annual basis
  • "Made by SMEs " logo will be added to the platform
  • Easy access to federal entities with long-term contracts to supply services and products

The MoF’s role in supporting federal entities

The Ministry has been a pioneer in updating and providing a new and flexible policy for digital procurement across the federal government while developing manuals and guidelines that provide the required support to employees of federal entities. The Ministry has also been keen to maintain the work continuity amid the pandemic where it had to organise virtual training sessions and diversify modern training methods by involving the parties concerned in the materials related to the use of the Digital Procurement Platform. Over 50 interactive training sessions were held with the participation of federal government employees. Recorded videos of the training workshops were made available as references for the federal government employees. Currently, the first phase of the platform is being launched across federal entities.