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Protection and promotion of investments

Intending to promote its developmental goals, the UAE concluded 106 BIT, with most of its trade partners, these agreements aim to:

  • • Protect investments from all non-commercial risks like nationalization, expropriation, sequestration and freezing.
  • • Allow the establishment of investments and licensing such investments.
  • • Confirm the free transfer of profits and other returns in a freely transferable currency.
  • • Granting national treatment in accordance with the laws enforce in the State, and the most favored nation treatment, with respect to management, maintenance and expansion of investments.
  • • Fair and prompt compensation for the investor in the case of expropriation of his investment for the purpose of public interest, in accordance with the law and without discrimination, the compensation should amount to the fair market value on the investment before the expropriation.
  • • Set the dispute settlement procedures between the investor and the State .
    • i. Amicable solution.
    • ii. Local courts or international arbitration.

Country List / Protection and Promotion of Investments Agreements