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Innovation is at the core of our work at MoF

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Incorporating innovation at every level at MoF

The UAE government aspires to be one of the world’s most innovative nations by 2021. To achieve this, the UAE has launched a number of initiatives to drive and foster innovation in all fields. MoF provides its full support to achieve the UAE’s vision; it has adopted innovation as an approach that has become an integral part of every practice, service and process, and ensured the provision of innovation incubators through the launch of initiatives, strategies and programmes that spread the culture of innovation in the country and consolidate its practices.

The National Innovation Committee

Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation

UAE Innovation Week

MoF innovation initiatives and programmes

MoF innovation

Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund

Launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, this AED 2 billion fund is managed and supervised by MoF, and aimed at improving and enhancing opportunities in the field of innovation by providing financing solutions and the necessary guarantees to innovative entrepreneurs, as well as facilitating their access to loans for financing their projects.

MoF innovation

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is an interactive platform developed by MoF in line with its commitment to establish and spread the culture of innovation as an indispensable foundation for government work. The lab consists of facilities and sections equipped with the latest technology adopted in promoting innovation. The lab provides an environment that inspires individuals to develop innovative ideas and projects to improve the government’s financial systems and support the achieving of the ministry’s strategic goals

MoF innovation

Innovation Platform

A platform launched by MoF on the MoF UAE Smart App dedicated to the ministry’s employees. This platform includes a number of innovative management practices, namely: ideas, challenges and brainstorming. It allows employees to suggest ideas and evaluate them, identify challenges related to the ministry’s work and find innovative solutions for them, as well as discuss important topics in the field of development and improvement in a virtual brainstorming session.

MoF innovation

Innovation Email

In recognition of the importance of innovation and its vital role in achieving development and excellence, and in line with the national directives aimed at transforming innovation into a work culture and placing the UAE among the world’s most innovative nations, MoF launched an email address (innovation@mof.gov.ae) dedicated to innovation through which customers can share their ideas and suggestions. Moreover, Mof uses this email to send awareness leaflets and organise innovation related competitions.

MoF innovation

Pioneers of Innovation

Pioneers of innovation are responsible for implementing many innovation-related tasks that will support the UAE vision, the National Innovation Strategy and the objectives of MoF. Some of their tasks include coordinating with the Government Innovation Team to implement plans and programmes, including the requirements of implementing innovation plans and initiatives to promote the culture of innovation, participating in the preparation of events and activities at the ministry and government levels, and attending training workshops and programmes.

MoF innovation

The Public Sector Innovation Diploma

As part of its efforts to spread and consolidate the culture of innovation, provide an environment that foster innovation and transfer knowledge using innovation tools and mechanisms, MoF participated in the Public Sector Innovation Diploma of the Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation in collaboration with the Cambridge University in the UK. Two employees from MoF have graduated from the first enrolment in the Innovation Diploma 2015 and one was enrolled in the second batch for 2016.