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“The UAE believes that the major responsibility of
governments is to bring happiness to their people…”

​His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ​​​​​​​​


MoF places great emphasis upon the importance of its employees’ happiness and job satisfaction and in the spirit of the objectives laid forth by the federal government to
enhance the happiness levels nationwide by the end of the decade, the ministry has introduced a number of happiness initiatives.

Ministry of Finance… The Happiest Ministry

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance introduced Ministry of
Finance… The Happiest Ministry to measure and improve the level of happiness within the teams at MoF.

The fundamentals of MOF's strategy to enhance happiness at the ministry


Providing a positive and flexible work environment


Encouraging employee suggestions, exchange of ideas and collaboration between teams


Enhancing transparency


Providing performance evaluations and feedback


Promoting the importance of building strong relationships at work

Happier government employees = Happier customers

One aspect of the UAE’s drive for improving the nation’s level of happiness is to allocate at least two hours per month in every federal government entity dedicated entirely to happiness and positivity activities. This in turn, will create more positive workforce, thus transferring happiness through to the customers using government services.

MoF Happiness Initiatives

Happiness and Positivity Workshop

Part of the larger ‘Ministry of Finance… Happiest Ministry’ initiative involved the hosting of a happiness and positivity workshop at both the ministry sites in the UAE; Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Attended by HE Younis Haji Al Khoori, Undersecretary of MoF, and many of the heads of the ministry, the workshop aimed to highlight the importance of the national programme for happiness, and the ministry’s initiative to achieve happiness for its employees and the community.

Happiness Workshop with the UN

A workshop to define and measure happiness was held in collaboration with the UN Oce in the UAE. During the workshop, the results of the 2016 Happiness Report were showcased and examined, as wee the numerous government initiatives targeted at increasing positivity and happiness in the UAE and gaining a top position in the Global Happiness report by the end of the decade. The workshop confirmed that while the UAE was in 28th position in the World Happiness Report of 2016, which was a fantastic achievement, the aim is to strive for better, and to become a happiness leader.

MoF Annual Forum

Each year, MoF hosts an annual forum to celebrate its accomplishments, promote collaboration, spread happiness and to honour its distinguished employees and partners. During the forum, happiness is one of the key areas of content, and in 2017 the CEO of Happiness and Positivity at MoF, Mrs. Mozah Kif, presented a session on happiness and positivity to the gathered employees and partners from across the UAE.

Advices to Achieve Personal Happiness

Stay active

Eat well

Get a hobby

Spend time with
friends and

Be content in
your work

Stay away from

Sleep well

Get fresh air


Be grateful and
help others

Tips for businesses to make employees happy

Recognise good work

Achievements and eorts should always be appreciated, not only in terms of a verbal thanks, but also in the form of a tangible reward.


Transparency in the way on which employees are managed is crucial to maintaining happiness in the work place.

Generosity with vacations

Why not oer a few extra days o for your sta around the set holidays? Particularly if it is around the weekend.

Healthy work-life balance

If you expect your sta to stay beyond their contracted hours, it’s unlikely that you will serve the best possible results from them.

Work environment

Much of the happiness of an employee depends upon the working environment. Create a happy environment at work.


Scientifically it’s proven that background music is mood enhancing, although this can be dependent upon taste and genre.

Career pathway

Employees are far happier when they are working towards a long-term goal and they have career objectives.

Incentives and benefits

Salary is important, but of equal importance is the benefits your staff get, including health insurance, dental cover, or gym membership.

Promote positivity

If your employees are happy, your organisation is happy. Promote positivity by talking to your sta and sharing accomplishments.

Lead by example

Never underestimate the impact you can have by simply smiling occasionally, or allowing a moment for a friendly conversation.

A Nation’s Happiness A Nation’s Happiness

The general level of happiness within the people of a nation rests upon these key criteria:

  • GDP
  • Employment opportunities
  • Freedom of choice
  • Health
  • Standard of lifestyle
  • Life expectancy
  • Generosity
  • Social support
  • Community
  • Inclusion

Happiness in the workplace

It is well-researched and documented that a happier place of work results in a higher level of performance and a
better standard of service from employees, which in turn creates more happiness for customers.

Happiness at work creates: