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What is the UAE Year of Giving?


It was announced in December 2016 by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, that for our proud nation, 2017 would be the Year of Giving. This year would be inspired by the giving nature of our founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Giving is preserved in our policies and our leadership style to this day, which ensures that Emiratis remain virtuous and principled, always looking to help those less fortunate, and to offer their help wherever they can. 2017 is the year that preserves this legacy, and reminds us all of the importance of giving.


The three pillars of the Year of Giving

Corporate Social Responsibility Volunteering Serving the Nation
Corporate Social Responsibility

Private entities have an obligation to launch initiatives and programmes that benefit the community and society at large.


Volunteering is one of the most selfless acts a human can undertake. The effect volunteering has on society is overwhelmingly positive.

Serving the Nation

It is ingrained in Emirati culture and values that there is no greater honour than to represent and serve the nation.


The UAE’s Giving Stats

Since the founding of the nation in 1975, the UAE has made large charitable and humanitarian contributions on an international scale
Aid to




Total aid

AED 173

up to 2014

AED 7.7

humanitarian aid
General global support

AED 22.5


Social & Humanitarian Initiatives

Hundreds of humanitarian initiatives managed by federal and local government department are to be launched. Private sector entities and organisations are also targeted. All areas of society are encouraged to participate, and the platform is to be laid in order for this work to continue in the future.


Volunteer Work

Millions of volunteering hours are encouraged. Nobody is excluded from the need for volunteers, particularly those with certain skillsets that are able to share their expertise and knowledge with others to provide opportunity.


Private Sector Contribution

The private sector is targeted at increasing the contributions it makes, via supporting government initiatives, making financial donations, or by implementing CSR initiatives of their own to reflect the Year of Giving.

In 2013/14


1.71% of GNI



MoF Plans for the Year of Giving

The Ministry of Finance has organised a series of humanitarian and community initiatives in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, including:

  • Contribution of 600 Suhoor meals to five mosques in Dubai and Sharjah for the needy

  • Organisation of fundraising to contribute to the Emirates Red Crescent’s ‘For You Somalia’ campaign

  • A social awareness lecture presented by the family guide, Mohammed Abdul Karim

  • The Annual Ramadan Forum for staff at the InterContinental Hotel in Abu Dhabi

  • Staff lecture entitled, "Health in Ramadan", supported by a series of medical examinations for all employees

  • MoF organises a donation campaign for Aleppo.


Tips on how to give

  • Donate your old clothes and footwear

    There are collection boxes in various strategic locations - hypermarkets, shopping malls and roads. Donations can also be made at the offices of charities like Emirates Red Crescent and Beit Al Kheir Society. Clothes and footwear donated can mean a lot, especially to those who have been displaced from their homes in war-stricken areas.

  • Volunteer to help educate the needy

    Organisations like Dubai Cares constantly look out for volunteers to help them with their various activities. The time you spend here helps to cater to the future of children who have no access to good schools or even books. You can also donate your books at collection centres like the Book Shelter (which is in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah).

  • Donate Blood

    Every drop of blood that you can give can help save a life. While one in three require a transfusion of blood or blood products at least once in their lifetime, only one in thirty donate blood. There are several places across the UAE where you can donate blood – at hospitals and also in mobile centres. You can donate at public hospitals like Latifa Hospital and centres like Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Centre and Abu Dhabi Blood Bank Centre.

  • Give back to your environment

    While you can segregate waste at home and make sure you don’t waste water and electricity, you can take your love for the environment to the next level by volunteering with organisations like Emirates Environmental Group and Emirates Wildlife Society, both of which work for the welfare of the environment around you. You can help to keep the earth clean and fight climate change, making this place a home for all.