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Taking opinion on ‘Masar Programme for Scholarships’ and customising it

About the subject

Ministry of Finance launched ‘Masar Programme for Scholarships’ to attract and encourage Emirati high-school graduates to obtain degrees in finance, accounting and other specialties from accredited universities.

The Goal of Consultation

The programme launched pursuant to Cabinet Resolution No. 30 of 2010, aims to enhance the capabilities of Emirati post-graduates in various fields of education and to encourage them to apply for specialised jobs in the Federal Government. The programme aims to prepare a generation capable of taking the responsibility for supporting Emiratisation and the sustainable development plans. The ministries will employ students that have participated in the Masar programme and gained relevant practical skills and experience.

Ministry of Finance approved an annual budget of AED 2 million in support of the programme. It is also the first entity to implement the programme. Between 2009 and 2015, 50 students participated.

Share your thoughts

Ministry of Finance would like to know your thoughts and suggestions on how to develop the Masar programme further. Please feel free to share your ideas; let them be innovative and practical to implement.

GCC economic integration

About the subject

The UAE’s Ministry of Finance is implementing the economic agreement between GCC countries. It is also overseeing other projects including financial integration, the establishment of the free trade zone and the implementation of the GCC Customs Union and Gulf Common Market. It is working alongside its strategic partners to set future plans and to receive their feedback and suggestions in support of the Gulf integration process.

The GCC’s economic integration constitutes one of the main objectives of the GCC according to the provisions of Article IV of the GCC’s set of laws. Ministry of Finance is trying to raise awareness about the member countries’ financial and economic integration and its positive impact on citizens, institutions and the private sector.

Share your thoughts

Seeking to develop ideas which further help enhancing the GCC’s economic integration, Ministry of Finance invites GCC nationals to share their views and ideas on furthering the GCC integration process.

What you can expect

By the beginning of June 2017, the ministry will discuss ways to enhance Gulf integration programmes, in line with the directives of the UAE’s wise leadership. Decisions will be taken based on your feedback and other related input. The ministry would monitor the participants’ comments in order to develop and enhance the effectiveness of the GCC integration.

Development of the eDirham

About the subject

eDirham was launched by Ministry of Finance in 2001 as a system of electronic channel and digital payment gateway through prepaid cards for collection of service fees for federal government’ services.

The eDirham G2 system, implemented in 2011 combines world-class payment networks through platforms which are integrated with eGovernment service applications. They can also work with online payment applications, payment via mobile phones and electronic collection via different payment channels in line with the universal standards.

eDirham is a smart technological achievement of Ministry of Finance. The cards offer a smart payment method for more than 5,000 government services in ministries, federal and local authorities and the private sector.

Some of these cards are compatible with Visa and MasterCard networks too. The cards are issued by the Ministry of Finance and National Bank of Abu Dhabi.

Ministry of Finance seeks to upgrade this service in a way that accommodates customer needs and latest internal and international developments.

Share your thoughts

Through this consultation, Ministry of Finance gives the public the opportunity to share its views and suggestions. This will be vital in the future planning of eDirham development.

What you can expect

All responses will be gathered and studied to weigh its usability and impact. It shall be implemented in line with the ministry’s vision and goals. Our efforts are directed towards keeping you happy.

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