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The Federal Feedback Gateway

The Federal Feedback Gateway provides the framework for a unified and consolidated administrative work needed to deal with customer remarks and suggestions effectively and efficiently and benefit from them in the improvement of the federal government services, in addition to raising the level of customer satisfaction about the federal government and for the fulfillment of the federal government’s vision to be one of the best governments in the world. The system aims to:

  • Opening channels of communication with all customers, in addition to determining their needs and expectations
  • Focus on improving the federal government services through the application of global best practices
  • Improve government efficiency
  • Raising awareness of customer service excellence culture
  • Development of human resource skills in innovation and excellence
  • Encourage a spirit of partnership and cooperation in finding positive solutions to the challenges faced by the customers
  • Award and encourage innovations in order to improve the services provided by the federal government and accordingly improve customer satisfaction

To access Tawasul Gateway, please click on the image below, and you will be answered according to the type of request:

  • Suggestions: 14 working days
  • Complaints: 6 working days
  • Inquiry: two working days


This Federal Feedback Gateway includes a set of components that provide both customers and employees the chance to improve Federal Governmental Services, it cover the folowing:

  • Suggestions
  • Compliments
  • Administrative Remarks​
  • Executive Remarks

​ ​​​