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MOF Achievements in 2016

2016 was a year of pragmatic initiatives and phenomenal achievements for the UAE Ministry of Finance. The year saw the development of smart systems, increased service accessibility, new local and international partnerships, and much more... ​​​​​​

MoF Strategic Plan 2014-2016

Prepared in accordance with MoF values

The MOF Strategic Plan 2014 - 2016 includes five values, seven goals, five priorities, 21 initiatives, 38 strategic activities, 10 main services, 39 sub-services, 10 supplemental services, 41 strategic indicators, 420 operational indicators and 57 indicators to measure services, as well as 10 indicators for competitiveness, giving top priority to diversifying and developing the sources of Federal Government revenue to ensure sustainability.

The Strategic Plan is prepared according to the same values the ministry follows in its work, namely: teamwork, leadership and excellence, innovation, professionalism, transparency and accountability and social responsibility.

MoF Strategic Plan 2014-2016   ​


Strategic Goals

The MOF Strategic Plan 2014 - 2016 consists of six strategic goals that are in line with the UAE Vision 2021. These are:

  • Developing and ensuring the sustainability of the financial resources of the Federal Government through diversifying revenue sources, establishing a tax system - including Federal Government Service Fees Corporation Tax, Value Added and Tobacco Tax, discussing a draft law framework of a unified selective taxation in GCC and increasing the efficiency of franchise for the telecommunications sector in the State.

  • Raising the eectiveness of financial planning and the implementation of the federation budget through improving public expenditure mechanisms, developing the efficiency of cash management through the application of zero-based budgeting and switching to accounting principles on an accrual basis.

  • Raising and developing the efficiency and eectiveness of the financial work systems of the Federal Government through the implementation of a number of initiatives and services, such as: E-Dirham system, completion of applying federal payroll system, e-financial system for the Federal Government, automation of the procedures of preparing the State general budget, training officials, developing and updating work guides related to federal financial systems and procedures.

  • Developing the legislation and financial policies governing the financial sector to drive sustainable development and achieve economic stability in line with universally-approved practices through initiatives that include:

    • Consolidation of fiscal policy for the UAE.
    • Reviewing and developing policies and laws to increase the efficiency of financial management.
  • Enhancing the financial position of the State on the regional and international levels through an effective contribution to regional and international forums in the framework of a number of work themes, strategic initiatives, agreements, Memorandums of Understanding, organising relevant forums, and applying international standards related to competitiveness, transparency and exchanging tax information. This goal focuses on strengthening the UAE’s role in achieving economic integration among the GCC countries, its contributions to regional and international organisations and institutions. It also focuses on leveraging of technical support services provided by those organisations.

  • Providing a competitive environment nationwide to drive the sustainability of financial, social, educational and health development.

Plan Priorities

The plan focuses on four priorities determined in line with the strategic objectives of the Federal Government. The priorities are:

Plan Priorities