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A world-class payment and collection system

The e-Dirham system was launched by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) in 2011 as a system of electronic channels and digital payment gateways capable of collecting service fees and revenue for the Federal Government via Prepaid Cards, in order to enhance the delivery of public services.

The e-Dirham G2 system was implemented in 2011, providing world-class payment networks and schemes, via platforms configured to be flexibly integrated with e-Government service applications. The platforms can also be configured to work with online payment applications, payment via mobile phones, and electronic collection via different payment channels in line with universally accepted standards.


e-Dirham is a smart technological achievement for MoF

Use e-Dirham to pay for more than 5,000 services

The e-Dirham platform consists of cards that offer a smart payment method accepted by more than 5,000 government services in ministries, federal and local authorities, and the private sector. Some of these cards are compatible with Visa and MasterCard networks. The cards are issued by MoF and the First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB).

Choose your e-Dirham card today!

e-Dirham is the world's latest technology, and it features several types of cards. The Blue, Red, Gold, Green and Silver Al Haslah cards offer discount on service fees, and don’t require the user to have a bank account. All cards are prepaid, offering an easy method to reload funds, and a smart, secure, effective way to withdraw cash from the card’s balance, regardless of whether it is paid or covered by a credit card.

Full support around the clock

Cards are issued in collaboration with FAB across a network of approved outlets to serve the public sector, companies, businessmen and individuals. The services are promoted by a customer service centre and a call centre that is supported by an auto-response system, as well as a website and SMS notification service.


e-Dirham Features – A simple, low-cost, flexible payment method

The system offers many advantages, including low costs, fixed fees for the service, and the possibility of paying service fees through different payment channels, which include e-Dirham applications for mobile phones, e-wallet, vouchers, and self-service e-Kiosks. The system also offers Al Haslah cards for paying via e-Dirham at several points of sale and distribution outlets, bringing services closer to customers and users by increasing the number of point of sale (PoS) devices, and enhancing service delivery channels.


Figures and Indicators

Since the launch of e-Dirham G2B by MoF in partnership with FAB, a total of 100 million eService transactions with a total value of AED 21.66 billion have been provided (up until the end of 2015).

e-Dirham reported the e-collection of AED 8.2 billion in 2015, a 21% increase compared to the AED 6.78 billion collected in 2014.

The number of e-service transactions also grew by 8%, from 33.46 million in 2014 to 36.14 million in 2015.

The number of e-Dirham cards issued so far amounts to 1.77 million, with 639,000 cards issued in 2015. This figure rose from 595,000 cards in 2014, representing an increase of 7.4%. The cards can be used across 5,000 e-Dirham Point of Sale (PoS) devices across the UAE.


Call Centre Services for e-Dirham

The e-Dirham Call Centre received approximately 145,000 calls during 2015. The percentage of successfully answered calls was more than 85% of the total calls received. The average duration of a single call reached three minutes with a waiting time of less than a minute. The centre offers its services in three languages: Arabic, English and Urdu, 24/7, all-year-round.

These figures reflect the value added by the e-Dirham to the UAE’s financial sector, and it has become one of the country’s most important smart government initiatives. The 2015 results prove that the speed and efficiency of the e-Dirham system ensures the maximum utilisation of time, efforts and resources.


e-Dirham Customer Satisfaction Rates

The overall satisfaction level among e-Dirham users reached 80%. A study conducted by MoF, in collaboration with FAB and Nielsen - a global marketing research company - on customer satisfaction regarding the e-Dirham system, revealed the following results:

  • 80%


    Users are satisfied with the performance of the e-Dirham system as an electronic payment method instead of using cash.

  • 82%

    Customers and Partners

    Average satisfaction rate of registered customers and partners including outsourced service providers.

  • 97%

    Managers and Owners

    Average satisfaction rate of managers and owners of print centres and services regarding the facilitated payment methods of government services fees.

  • 87%

    Service Centres

    Overall satisfaction rate of individuals from print and business services centres.

  • 70%


    Satisfaction rate with level of awareness of customers using print and business services centres.

  • 53%

    e-Dirham Services

    Individuals are highly satisfied with the e-Dirham services.

A survey was conducted during the study, which included 1,003 telephone interviews with system users, 163 face-to-face interviews with service providers and 155 customers, in addition to in-depth face-to-face interviews conducted in 11 ministries, nine federal authorities and 23 financial institutions and banks.

The figures serve to highlight the important role the e-Dirham plays as an effective e-payment method that follows the highest levels of performance and accuracy, in addition to security and ease of use. The e-Dirham system provides government institutions with a database, and detailed and prompt reports for the financial operations that help in monitoring, auditing and performing conformity operations, as well as measuring their speed and efficiency. This supports decision-making processes and achieves optimal use of available financial and human resources.

MoF seeks to fully switch to smart government services and to implement innovative solutions regarding e-payment and e-collection of service fees. This is to improve efficiency and effectiveness of financial work systems, as well as to manage and develop cash flows for the Federal Government according to best practices. MoF seeks to further develop the system's services to become the first and best option to pay government and non-government fees across the UAE.​​​​​​​​

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