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The Ministry of Finance invites you to adhere to health and precautionary measures, and in order to preserve your safety, you can use all of our services through the website and the smart application.

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eDirham has been innovatively redesigned to offer an easy, transparent and secure experience for customers. The new advanced system allows users to make payments through smart app as well as the eDirham cards which offer a wide range of reimagined benefits for users. eDirham has also been integrated with more banks to provide customers with multiple choices and benefits and enhance their quality of life, offering an integrated state-of-the-art payment system for government entities to collect their payments and manage cash flows.


Now you can settle all government-related service fees safely and easily through your mobile phone. Simply download the eDirham Instant app available on the App Store or Google Play, and link your eDirham card or registered bank account as your source of funds.

To know more about how to use the application, Click Here


Hala Card


Hala Card

  • Ideal for one-off payments or new individual customers
  • Prepaid card that does not require registration
  • Can be recharged to a maximum balance of AED 3,500
  • Requirements to issue the card: No documents required

Gold Card


Gold Card

  • Prepaid card with multiple options to top-up
  • Suitable for multiple payment transactions and regular payments
  • Registration required to ensure an additional level of security
  • Requirements to issue the card: Emirates ID or passport

Signature Card


Signature Card

  • Best suited for high-net-worth and corporate customers
  • Personalised prepaid card that requires registration
  • Unlimited card top-up
  • Requires KYC (Know Your Customer) registration for consumers
  • Requires KYB (Know Your Business) registration for corporate customers
  • Requirements to issue the card: Emirates ID or passport or trade license






eDirham is a cashless payment platform that empowers users to make convenient and secure transactions. Innovated by the UAE Ministry of Finance, eDirham is a seamless, convenient and secure way to manage transactions.
You can download the eDirham Instant app for free via Google Play or the App Store, depending on your device’s operating system, or visit one of our partner banks to get your eDirham card.
You can carry out cashless transactions through eDirham Instant app or pay for government services using your eDirham card.
For all queries, concerns and complaints regarding transactions, please reach out to your eDirham issuing bank.
Yes, you can get eDirham from one of our multiple partner banks across the UAE. Alternatively, you can use eDirham Instant to carry out cardless transactions. Check with your bank regarding the eDirham Instant app service.
Yes. Your issuing bank can assist you with multiple Signature cards linked to a single corporate account.
The eDirham Instant mobile application (app) is a digital payment tool, through which government services can be quickly and securely paid – without the need for a physical payment card. You can use Instant either at the point of sale, online, or directly through the app, through your personal android or iOS mobile device.
Payments made via eDirham Instant are protected by several security measures:
  • Restricted login – It is only possible to access eDirham Instant using biometrics (face ID or touch ID) or a password assigned to you when you activated the app.
  • User control – eDirham Instant users can see every single transaction and are empowered to personally confirm each transaction within the app.
  • The limited lifespan of the OTP and QR codes enhance security and minimise the risk of misuse.
  • Timebound transaction approval – Limited time is provided to approve each transaction.
  • In addition, eDirham Instant adheres to the highest industry and payment data security standards.
eDirham Instant enables 3 ways of paying for government services, without requiring you to reveal your sensitive account data:
  1. Via the internet (on your computer or any smart device), using a one-time pin (OTP) generated by the app
  2. At the counter of a Government Happiness Centre, using an OTP or QR code generated by the app
  3. Directly through the eDirham Instant Pay function

Note: To process any payment, eDirham Instant requires an active internet connection. It must also be linked with at least one source of funds (either a bank account or eDirham card).

You can choose to link your Instant profile with either a bank account provided by any of the eDirham partner banks, or any eDirham card, including eDirham HALA, eDirham GOLD or eDirham SIGNATURE.
The password you need to enter is the one provided by the bank that issued your eDirham card OR the one you set up for the bank account you wish to use as your source of funds. Each bank has its own method of establishing passwords, so please check with your bank if you are still unsure.