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Emirates Real Estate Corp

Advancing the UAE Real Estate Sector

Emirates Real Estate Corporation (EREC) is a UAE national organisation that aims to design and build properties that meet the real estate needs of the government. It provides full maintenance services according to highest international standards and specifications to all its tenants, who include government entities ranging from ministries to federal authorities.

Established over two decades ago, the Corporation creates tangible, strong and cooperative partnerships between the private and the public companies in the UAE real estate industry, expanding its role beyond operating just within the government sector, thereby making valuable contribution to the overall development and growth of the national economy.

EREC has made a significant contribution to the efficiency and effectiveness of the government operations with:

Strong institutional capacity

High level of professionalism

Strategic business partnerships

History and Growth

EREC was established through the Federal Law No (7) in 2000 with paid up capital of AED500 million. Today, it works with some 400 local companies with specific areas of expertise and meticulously selected as registered members of the Corporation. These local firms provide support to EREC’s tasks ranging from project management to consultancy, actual construction, and auxiliary supplies.



To be pioneers in real estate, realty investments, and building management, locally, regionally, and globally.



Maintain international quality standards in the establishment and construction of government green buildings, offer excellent service after construction, and encourage partnership among the local and federal authorities and the private sector, all under a working environment that ensures employee development, recognition, and appreciation.



EREC is committed to achieving a range of strategic objectives that aim to provide the highest quality of real estate services to its clients.

To construct properties for diverse government entities ranging from ministries to federal authorities in line with global best practices while ensuring that EREC maintains its competitiveness.

To respond to the needs of the ministries and authorities by providing timely relevant services based on an effective operational system.

To guarantee a high level of flexibility such that EREC can respond to the ever-changing needs of its clients and modify properties accordingly. To this end, EREC focuses on providing a fully integrated design and construction process, in partnership with the most credible and reliable private contractors in a resource-effective manner.

To ensure the full supervision of government properties, both short- and long-term.

EREC Projects

Buildings leased by operational lease system

10 buildings built within the state leased to ministries and federal agencies

8 buildings constructed as headquarters for diplomatic missions outside the country

Buildings set up by the financial leasing system

27 lease projects inside and outside the country

Management of key projects

Emirates Development Bank in Dubai

Abu Dhabi General Pension and Social Security Authority


Ongoing Projects

  • 01 Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation building in Dubai
  • 02 Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure building in Dubai
  • 03 Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology building in Dubai
  • 04 Administrative office building for the Ministry of Interior in Abu Dhabi
  • 05 Fujairah Higher Colleges of Technology building