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Department of Financial and Administration Affairs

The Department of Financial and Administration Affairs carries out numerous vital functions, the most important of which is the preparation of the general budget of the ministry.

This department has the following roles and responsibilities:


Preparing the ministry's general budget draft based on the strategic plan, in coordination with the organisational units of the ministry.


Applying financial policies, regulations and procedures approved by the ministry.


Allocating financial resources according to the budget approved by the ministry.


Providing support, logistical and administrative support to all organisational units of the ministry.


Following-up on and submitting the annual disbursement reports, and preparing the final account of the ministry.


Managing and developing the relations with the suppliers for the ministry.


Providing the necessary suggestions to increase the ministry's revenues in coordination with the General Revenue Department.


Closing the feedback loop of the State Audit Institution (SAI) regarding the implementation of the ministry’s budget in coordination with the organisational units concerned.


Developing an annual plan for periodic maintenance and insurance to ensure the safety of the ministry's properties according to laws and regulations in force.


Developing and applying the systems and standards related to security, safety, and cleanliness of the ministry's buildings and offices.


Organising the use of transportation and communication means, and following-up on contractual procedures for these services.


Maintaining and filing the ministry's documents according to the established systems, keeping them confidential and secure, with the ability to access these documents using information technology in cooperation with Information Technology Department of the ministry.


Following-up on the communication services of the ministry.


Any other competencies related to the work of the department, or entrusted to it by the Assistant Under Secretary of Support Services Sector.