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His Excellency Mohamed bin Hadi Al Hussaini

Minister of State for Financial Affairs

His Excellency Mohamed bin Hadi Al Hussaini is the Minister of State for Financial Affairs, and he holds a Master’s degree in International Trade from Switzerland, and has diversified professional experience in banking and public finance, real estate development and investment. His Excellency is currently the Chairman of the General Pension and Social Security Authority، Al Etihad Credit Bureau. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Investment Corporation of Dubai, and the Emirates Investment Authority.

Responsibilities and Competencies for the Minister of State for Financial Affairs
  • • ​​​General overseeing of the preparation of the Federation's general budget draft and final balance and following up their implementation.

  • • Representing the ministry to public and private authorities inside and outside the country.

  • • Developing basic fiscal policies of the Federation in coordination with federal agencies.

  • • Overseeing the development and adoption of the ministry’s Strategic Plan and the operational programmes and following up their implementation.

  • • General overseeing of the ministry’s workflow, adopting governing decisions, and following-up on reports of achievement.

  • • Proposing draft laws, decrees and regulations related to the ministry work in coordination with the concerned parties.

Organisational units reporting to the Minister of State for Financial Affairs
  • • Minister's Office.

  • • Minister's Consultants.

  • • Internal Auditing Office.

  • • Strategic and Future Department

  • • Government Communication Department.

  • • Under Secretary. ​​​