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General Budget Department​

General Budget Department

The General Budget Department sets the guidelines within which the budget must be prepared. In addition, it takes responsibility for numerous areas of the budget before it is officially passed as law.

This department is in charge of the following tasks and competencies:
  • Setting rules to prepare the general budget in the light of economic indicators of revenues and expenditures.

  • Examining and analysing the budget prepared by the Federal Government authorities.

  • Coordinating with all Federal stakeholders on the draft budget, including funds in accordance with the strategic objectives, programs, activities, and strategic performance indicators, analysing data and submitting the required recommendations.

  • Preparing the Federation's general budget and the budget draft law and submitting them to the competent authorities, following-up its implementation and dissemination to federal authorities after being issued.

  • Preparing and publishing the annual statistical volume of the Federation’s general budget.

  • Studying and preparing necessary recommendations to maintain the balance of the Federation’s general budget.

  • Examining the draft laws and decisions having a financial impact on the Federation’s general budget.

  • Preparing and following-up the financial and economic committee work, and following-up its decisions.

  • Any other tasks related to the work of the department, or entrusted to it by the Assistant Under Secretary.