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Policies and Accounting Standards Department​

Policies and Accounting Standards Department

The Policies and Accounting Standards Department works to create and develop procedures and rules within the Federal Government

This department is in charge of the following tasks and competencies:
  • Developing and consolidating accounting policies, procedures and standards for the Federal Government.

  • Preparing and studying laws, regulations and procedures of finance and accounting systems in the Federal Government and submitting the necessary recommendations.

  • Developing, updating and issuing the unified financial procedure guidelines for the Federal Government in coordination with related authorities.

  • Providing technical consultancy in the financial and accounting fields for all Federal authorities.

  • Organising training programmes​ to increase the efficiency of employees at the ministries in the financial, accounting and technical fields.

  • Issuing the financial and accounting procedural guidelines in coordination with the concerned authorities in the ministry.

  • Developing standards and procedures of internal auditing for the Federal Government.

  • Developing rules and controls to organise Federal Government procurement.

  • Developing rules and controls to organise employee housing in the Federal Government.

  • Managing and developing consolidated suppliers records in the Federal Government.

  • Receiving complaints and grievances of suppliers against Federal authorities, and making the necessary decisions.

  • Any other competencies related to the work of the department, or entrusted to it by the Assistant Under Secretary of Financial Management Sector. ​