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Information Technology Department ​

Information Technology Department

The IT Department looks after the ministry’s systems, software and electronic security concerns, providing technical support to all the staff of the ministry.

This department is in charge of the following tasks and competencies:
  • Preparing studies, recommendations, specifications and contracts related to information technology, and technical systems and applications of the ministry.

  • Developing and managing the technical systems and applications of the ministry, and ensuring their maintenance to improve workflow and accomplish tasks properly.

  • Providing technical support services to all organisational units.

  • Managing the technical systems network of the ministry and ensuring its maintenance.

  • Developing the systems of smart and electronic services of the ministry and ensuring their maintenance.

  • Providing computer devices and software for all departments and organisational units of the ministry.

  • Installing electronic systems that ensure the confidentiality and protection of information.

  • Determining and developing the programs and technical systems needed by all the ministry's departments and organisational units.

  • Providing technical support to the federal authorities regarding federal applications and systems.

  • Any other competencies related to the work of the department, or entrusted to it by the Assistant Under Secretary of Support Services Sector.

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