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Government Properties Department ​

Government Properties Department

The Government Properties Department provides asset and properties management services to the Federal Government.

This department is in charge of the following tasks and competencies:
  • Organising movable and immovable properties of the Federal Government, and developing policies and procedures related to the management, maintenance and insurance of such properties.

  • Applying the principles of assets assessment and depreciation according to the international standards.

  • Coordinating with the federal authorities and local governments about matters related to Federal Government properties.

  • Organising the affairs of government warehouses, and developing policies and procedures related to the management and inventory of such warehouses in coordination with Policies and Accounting Standards Department.

  • Developing and updating a unified financial guideline for coding and grouping of the assets, materials and services of the Federal Government.

  • Any other competencies related to the work of the department, or entrusted to it by the Assistant Under Secretary of Financial Management Sector.

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