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Government Communication Department​​​​​​

Government Communication Department

The Government Communication Department works to keep communication channels between the ministry, its customers and the general public open and transparent.

Government Communication Department is in charge of the following competencies:
  • Developing and implementing an integrated strategy for internal and external communication, in accordance with the directives of the Government Communication Office of the Federal Government and the government directions.

  • Discussing areas of communication and partnerships with various government institutions in order to support the policies, programme​ and Strategic Plan of the ministry.

  • Conducting several information-gathering activities and developing tools to communicate effectively with various categories of customers and the public.

  • Managing and organising the internal information activities in the ministry, and encouraging the optimal use of communication skills and tools.

  • Overseeing the use of Corporate Identity Applications in the ministry.

  • Managing and developing the website content and social media channels in coordination with various ministry departments. ​

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