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About the Ministry of Finance


To be a global leader in the fiscal field and to contribute to achieving the UAE Vision.


To efficiently and proactively manage and develop the federal government financial resources through active fiscal policies, excellent abilities, and local and
international relations in order to achieve development, sustainability, and integrity of the fiscal system in accordance with best practices.


Our values create a positive energy within our organisation, and are the driving force that takes us towards the accomplishment of our strategic goals and the fulfilment of our mission. Our values provide the framework that brings our team together to improve our performance, within an environment that motivates us to excel at everything we do.


We work together as one, utilising our diverse skills and competencies, in a supporting environment based on cooperation and mutual respect. We adopt effective communication, flexibility, justice and participation.


We work to continuously increase the capabilities of our employees, guiding them to being able​ to carry out tasks professionally, find new efficient ways in which to manage their work, and maintain their dedication and devotion in the workplace.

Leadership and Excellence

We work to set a leading example in all areas of our work, while adhering to the highest international standards. We aim to excel in best practices, making accomplishments that lay the foundations for a promising future.

Transparency and Accountability

We are committed to creating a work environment that fosters openness and relies on ease of communication and free exchange of information and ideas. We ensure clarity in our procedures and processes to enhance our integrity and trust among employees.


We provide a supportive environment for innovation, and we strive to find innovative solutions to all the challenges we face; using the creative capacity of our team and transforming their ideas into realistic solutions.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to our responsibilities towards society and we do everything in our power to support our local community and to launch community initiatives and awareness programmes that support solidarity and the spirit of philanthropy.



Ministry of Finance Strategic Goals 

Six strategic goals defined by the fourth strategic cycle (2017- 2021)

1 Enhance the culture of innovation in the organisational​ work environment  
2 Promote the fiscal planning of the Federal Government and the general fiscal sustainability  
3 Strengthen UAE competitiveness in the fiscal and economic field  
4 Maintain the financial and economic interests of UAE at an international level  
5 Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the budget and manage the financial position and cash flows of the Federal Government  
6 Render all administrative services as per the highest standards of quality, efficiency and transparency ​​​​  

Ministry of Finance Qualities

The role of the ministry, as defined by the fourth strategic cycle (2017-2021), is to adopt a modern and advanced approach that
has a positive impact at a national level. Therefore, the ministry should be:


Well-prepared to address the issues that affect fiscal sustainability and to increase ability to face financial and economic crises.


Play a strategic role in the allocation of resources, taking into account government performance indicators, and supporting decision-making to improve efficiency.

Opinion Leader

Provide an essential perspective on fiscal affairs and improve the implementation of relevant policies.

Centre of Excellence

Disseminate the culture of fiscal hedging and represent an international reference point for the best fiscal practices.


Provide both the public and private sectors with tools and the ability to support innovation in the UAE.