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The Future World is in Their Hands

MoF supports the development of a knowledge-driven, empowered youth
MoF efforts in youth empowerment and support
As part of its commitment to government directives on empowering youth and strengthening their role in various sectors, the Ministry of Finance seeks to be at the forefront of federal ministries that provide effective support and investment into the talents of young people, in line with the future direction of the UAE government and the vision of its wise leadership. The young minds also make up a large percentage of MoF employees, contributing to financial growth and achieving sustainable economic development of the country by harnessing their knowledge and expertise in cutting-edge technologies, innovative approaches and ambitious ideas.
Youth support and empowerment at MoF
Ministry of Finance Youth Council
MoF Youth Council was established based on the Ministry of Finance's efforts to be a pioneer in achieving the vision of the UAE. The Council focuses on supporting the outstanding young talents at the Ministry and empowering them in line with its future directives and visions, harnessing their talents and involving them in the Ministry’s achievements.
Ministry of Finance Youth Council objectives:
Ensure ongoing communication between leadership and youth
Provide a stimulating environment to assure youth involvement and ability to discuss their innovative ideas and opinions
Enhance the role of the Ministry in harnessing the talents and abilities of youth
Develop initiatives that support the role of youth in the Ministry
Empower and develop talents and values in the youth that are consistent with those of the Ministry
Activities through which to support youth and invest in their creative potential:
Involve talented youth in the organisation and implementation of the Ministry’s events
Empower youth by allowing them to represent the Ministry in meetings and workshops outside the country
Provide youth with the opportunity to head meetings, thereby contributing to the development of their skills and capabilities
Publicise youth achievements in various fields to support their talents
Share youth-related posts on social media platforms to shed light on the Ministry’s services
Discuss youth opinions and ideas through dialogue sessions to address challenges and discuss future opportunities
Supporting and empowering young minds and talents
Interaction with the Youth at “Youth 101”

HE Obaid Humaid Al Tayer, Minister of State for Financial Affairs, delivered a speech in the Youth 101 initiative organised by the UAE Federal Youth Authority, which aims to raise UAE youth awareness level and understanding of the government. The Ministry is working through legislation and laws to create job opportunities achieve the sustainability of financial resources and improve the quality of life, all of which are cornerstones of the Ministry’s work. Through its programmes and initiatives, MoF is keen to consolidate the active role of youth in society and ensure a happy life for future generations. The Ministry also works to achieve the aspirations of youth and to strengthen their sense of belonging in their homeland.

Quotes The UAE government places great importance on empowering youth to take on the responsibilities entrusted to them, thus contributing to the welfare of the UAE society and building a sustainable future for the country and future generations. Quotes
HE Obaid Humaid Al Tayer
Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund

The UAE has its sights set on being the most innovative nation in the world, driven by knowledge and new ideas to achieve sustained prosperity. The government backs this vision with serious investments, through government guarantees and accelerator services.

Through the Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund, MoF provides government guarantees to resident individuals and companies of all sizes registered in the UAE, there by bridging the long-term financing gap for innovative projects. This supports the UAE’s transition to a diversified and flexible knowledge-based economy and achieves sustainable prosperity for the UAE. It also provides accelerator services for innovative entrepreneurs and specialists in the field of business development for innovative companies. The innovative entrepreneur receives an action plan that is tailored to their innovation needs, thus encouraging innovators and supporting the spirit of innovation in the UAE.

Christine Lagarde interactive session with Arab youth

Madame Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), held an interactive session with Arab youth discussing issues relevant to them and addressing the challenges related to financial growth and sustainable development. In an interactive panel discussion, young Arabs were given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their suggestions regarding the proposed and innovative solutions that contribute to financial inclusiveness.

“Making Safe Spaces for Youth” discussion session with HE Obaid Humaid Al Tayer

MoF held a session entitled "Making Safe Spaces for Youth" as part of its commitment to government directives on empowering youth, building effective communication with them and strengthening their roles in various sectors.

Held at the Ministry’s headquarters in Dubai, the session was attended by HE Obaid Humaid Al Tayer, Minister of State for Financial Affairs, and included discussions regarding the frameworks and mechanisms required to provide creative and safe spaces for young people, enabling them to achieve excellence and develop creativity.

Quotes We are fully committed to respecting and supporting youth towards empowering their talents and creativity, and allow them to share their opinions freely and confidently to achieve sustainable development and strengthen social cohesion. Quotes
HE Obaid Humaid Al Tayer
Innovation events for youth

MoF hosts many events aimed at encouraging youth and supporting the culture of innovation. MoF’s “Park Innovation Experience” included an interactive competition in Dubai called ‘Pecha Kucha’, in which university students and finance enthusiasts had the opportunity to present their best FinTech ideas and to compete for prizes to finance their projects. The competition also included quick-fire presentations on the latest innovative ideas.

Moreover, MoF presented the “World in the Future” event at the Dubai World Trade Centre during UAE Innovation Month in February 2019. The event included the participation of many inspirational keynote speakers, including world-renowned futurist, author and physics professor Michio Kaku, and global trends expert Daniel Levin, among others. To stimulate innovative thinking among youth in the UAE, the panel of futurists laid out several anticipated challenges for the coming decades and invited innovators and entrepreneurs to propose solutions. The best submissions were discussed and winners were announced at the end of the event.

HH. Sheikh Zayed
Quotes A country’s greatest investment lies in building generations of educated and knowledgeable youth. Quotes
Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan
Father of the Nation
HH. Sheikh Zayed
Quotes Our young men and women can afford to have dreams that touch the sky. Nothing is impossible in the United Arab Emirates. Quotes
HE Shamma bint Suhail Faris al Mazrui
Minister of State for Youth Affairs
UAE government actively involves Emirati youth

The wise leadership of the UAE is passionate about the nation’s sustainable growth, accomplished through an upcoming generation that is educated, committed and empowered to shoulder their responsibilities, to innovate and to contribute actively to the welfare of our diverse community. The voice of the youth is encouraged to make itself heard through several strategy-driven government initiatives for youth empowerment in the UAE, Including the Ministry of Youth Affairs and the UAE’s Youth Empowerment Strategy, and the Emirates Youth Council, among others.

Authentic top-level representation

The country made international history in 2016 when Her Excellency Shamma bint Suhail Faris Al Mazrui was appointed as the Minister of State for Youth Affairs. Then just 22, she is the youngest minister in the world. Youth issues and aspirations are her priority and she is involved in setting development plans and strategies that can improve the capabilities and contributions of young people in the UAE.
Her Excellency also heads the Emirates Youth Council, a body of 13 young men and women who are tasked with presenting government with the ideas, aspirations and solutions of the country’s up-and-coming nationals. The council also provides an incubating environment to enable the youth to play a key role in the development process of the country.

The UAE government's efforts to empower UAE youth include:
Providing educational opportunities for young people
Providing support for entrepreneurs
Job creation
Marriage Grant Initiative