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Social Responsibility

Contributing to society and supporting sustainable development goals


The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has developed its own guide for social responsibility and is keen to disseminate a positive culture among all ministry employees at all departmental levels. MoF’s mission is to continue its contributions to achieving sustainable economic and social development, and fulfilling its duties towards the community.

In the Ministry’s various practices and activities, a commitment is made to the guidelines and principles of the ISO 26000 standard of social responsibility. The core pillars of this international standard relate to transparency, accountability, ethical conduct, abiding by laws, respecting human rights, respecting customer rights, and respecting international laws and norms, as long as they do not conflict with the culture and traditions of society.

Fighting Poverty and Achieving Social Justice is a Top Priority for MoF

The UAE reaffirms its commitment to eliminating all forms of poverty and deprivation among society members by supporting special groups that need care and aid. The UAE allocates more than 5% of its federal budget to programmes that support social rights and social integration. By developing sustainable development strategies, the government aims to achieve prosperity in all sectors to provide everyone with an acceptable income, a decent life and a good standard of living.


Budget Allocations for Social Benefits in 2019

The 2019 federal budget allocated funds to support programmes that guarantee social rights and activate community integration. The allocations for special groups (widows, orphans, people of determination and the elderly) amounted to AED3.2 billion, representing 5.3% of the total budget, to promote the welfare of the categories that deserve support. The estimated allocations for social development and social benefits programmes, especially the pension programme, amounted to AED4.5 billion, representing 7.4% of the total budget, to provide a good quality of life for retired civilian and military personnel.

The budget allocated AED1.6 billion - 2.6% of the total budget - to the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme to provide suitable housing for UAE nationals.

Budget Allocations to Support Special Categories in 2018

The 2018 federal budget allocations for special categories amounted to AED3.5 billion (5.8% of the total budget), while allocations to the social benefits programmes, including pensions, were estimated at AED4.4 billion, representing 7.3% of the total budget, to provide a decent life for retired citizens and military personnel.

Furthermore, MoF allocated AED1.61 billion (2.7% of the total budget) to the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme to provide suitable housing for UAE nationals.


MoF Volunteering Initiatives

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Iftar Meals as Part of "Iftar Saem" Campaign

MoF distributed meals as part of their "Iftar Saem" campaign during the Holy Month of Ramadan. HE Younis Haji Al Khouri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, participated in the campaign along with a large number of MoF employees. Volunteering in such activities exemplifies our wish to spread values of goodness, solidarity and happiness among the members of society.

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Supporting MoF Patients Through Donations

MoF launched a fundraising campaign for the patients within its task forces. The campaign witnessed a great turnout from MoF staff and leaders, and was part of MoF’s efforts to spread the culture of humanitarian actions within the work environment, enhancing a unified team spirit and promoting community integration among employees.

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MoF Organises a Donation Campaign for Aleppo

In collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent, MoF organised a donation campaign to aid and support the people of Aleppo at the Ministry’s premises in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The initiative aimed to spread the Ministry’s principles of supporting humanitarian works.

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‘For Your Sake, Somalia’ Campaign

In cooperation with the Emirates Red Crescent, MoF supported the ‘For Your Sake, Somalia’ charity initiative by organising a fundraiser to encourage the spirit of giving and the culture of good planted by the UAE’s late founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul.

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Humanitarian Initiatives as Part of Zayed Day for Humanitarian Action

As part of its community participation, MoF organizes a series of humanitarian and community initiatives each year in line with the UAE celebration of the Zayed Day for Humanitarian Action. The Ministry’s team of volunteers distributes Iftar and Suhoor meals to workers and mosques during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Such initiatives aim to promote the spirit of giving and a sense of community among the Ministry teams.

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Summer Camp for People of Determination

The MoF team organised a series of activities, including sports events, cultural and entertainment activities, to promote the happiness of people of determination. Over 300 people of different ages and nationalities participated in the event, achieving communication and interaction and spreading the positive values of happiness.

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Sheikh Zayed e-Book for School Students

The Ministry launched the "Sheikh Zayed e-Book" Initiative for foundation schools throughout the UAE as part of its initiatives and programmes to commemorate the Year of Zayed. The Ministry team distributed more than 800 copies of the book to students and held sessions to highlight the life of the founding father in a creative and engaging way.

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“Ramadan is Tolerance” Initiative

The MoF teams organised a charity campaign which included the distribution of 1000 Suhoor meals to workers in the Muhaisnah area in Dubai. This campaign was part of MoF’s social contribution, encouraging employees to volunteer and support communities in need and spreading the community participation culture.

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“Eidyia” Initiative

As part of its commitment to consolidate a culture of happiness and positivity among employees, the MoF launched the “Eidyia” initiative, distributing Eid gifts to MoF customers and boosting their happiness levels.

Practices of Social Responsibility

MoF is keen to create effective integration between its activities and decisions on one side, and social responsibility areas on the other.

This is accomplished by embracing the following methods:

social Responsibility 

In this context, MoF organises a number of training workshops to introduce its employees to social responsibility and to the importance of adopting it in both the government and private sectors, according to initiatives, plans and strategies - not just volunteering activities.

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