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Social Responsibility

Contributing positively towards the welfare of society


The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has developed its own guide for social responsibility and is keen to disseminate a positive culture among all ministry employees at all departmental levels. MoF’s mission is to continue its contributions to achieving sustainable economic and social development, and fulfilling its duties towards the community.

In the ministry’s various practices and activities, a commitment is made to the guidelines and principles of the ISO 26000 standard of social responsibility. The core pillars of this international standard relate to transparency, accountability, ethical conduct, abiding by laws, respecting human rights, respecting customer rights, and respecting international laws and norms, as long as they do not conflict with the culture and traditions of society.

Practices of Social Responsibility

MoF is keen to create effective integration between its activities and decisions on one side, and social responsibility areas on the other.

This is accomplished by embracing the following methods:

social Responsibility 

In this context, MoF organises a number of training workshops to introduce its employees to social responsibility and to the importance of adopting it in both the government and private sectors, according to initiatives, plans and strategies - not just volunteering activities.


Activities and Programmes

MoF continues to participate in many varied activities and events with regard to social responsibility, including:

  • Launching an annual scholarship programme for high school graduates to complete their education in finance and accounting.

  • Participating in national celebrations, particularly the UAE National Day, Flag Day and Martyrs' Day.

  • The Personal Budgeting Initiative launched by the ministry to strengthen the culture of saving, to rationalise expenditure and to promote the eight factors that influence the process, which are: imitation and emulation, perception of saving, social factors, distribution of income among society members, wealth, price levels, interest rates and consumer expectations.

  • Participating in environmental protection events, programmes and campaigns such as Earth Hour, recycling paper, the Clean Up the UAE campaign, raising awareness of rationalisation of water and electricity consumption, health awareness campaigns, blood donation, World Heart Day, raising awareness on diseases such as diabetes, breast cancer, and more.

  • Celebrating World Heritage Day

  • Organising visits to centres such as the Centre for People with Special Needs and the Elderly, and Dubai Autism Centre.

  • Organising a sports day for employees.

  • Organising lectures aiming at raising the awareness of disadvantages of smoking and drugs, and their psychological impacts.

  • Organising workshops aimed at raising the awareness of Green Applications.

  • Participating in Plantation Week.

  • ​Organising workshops aimed at raising the awareness of ‘The Culture of Saving and Rational Spending’.

You can discover more on MoF’s specially organised events and participation in different activities by. clicking here. ​​​​​​​

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