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Teamwork at MoF

Working as one team with a shared vision


​ In line with its strategic vision, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) relies on teamwork and team spirit to unite all employees across departmental and organisational levels. Together as a team, they face up to challenges by providing creative solutions and implementing them professionally and innovatively, according to institutional and individual cooperation rules that ensure continuous development and sustainable growth.

Enhancing productivity and developing team skills have always been a core focus of the internal work of MoF. The ministry employs leadership techniques and models approved in international financial institutions, and identifies the administrative, organisational and communication skills necessary for facing challenges and assisting the leadership's role in management of work teams. MoF also adopts motivation techniques that strengthen the sense of institutional affiliation, and creates a positive environment that encourages creativity and productivity.

Building work teams

The art of leadership and building high-performance work teams is a matter of special importance to MoF. The ministry ensures that all department officials and employees are made fully aware of the skill levels and knowledge required from leaders of work teams.
These include:

work teams 

Fostering team spirit

MoF promotes team spirit in the workplace, fostering a sense of unity, reliability and support among its employees. It is the belief of MoF that teamwork plays a crucial role in achieving growth and excellence, and accomplishing objectives and goals.

Mof believes in the importance of teamwork to:


    Increase productivity


    Improve performance levels


    Provide different perspectives and approaches


    Encourage effective communication


    Achieve unity


    Develop innovative solutions


    knowledge Exchange

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