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Application for registration of suppliers in the suppliers federal record

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Registration of suppliers who wish to provide their services to the Government, and the provision of full data released​

To view the service in action, please watch thisVideo

Duration of service provision

The expected time frame, between implementation of service and getting results, is one working day​

Location of service provision

ministry's website or ministry's smart application​

Target Audience

Companies and Private Sector

Responsible Department

Policies and Accounting Standards Department

Responsible Officer

Mr. Maadhad Alhamli

Direct Number: 02 6987332


Mrs. Huda Alhamadi

Direct Number: 04 3110141


Ms. Khawla AL Falasi

Direct Number: 04 3110471


Requirements to get the service

  • The businesses by 51% of the capital and upwards and Under-Secretary-services, registered in the Ministry of Economy and Trade of the State

  • Branches of foreign private companies in the free zones located within the borders of the state outside the zone.

  • Foreign companies of the countries that signed free trade agreements with the State on the basis of the ministerial resolution (278) for the year 2009

  • The branch software companies and offices and consulting companies, technical, financial and administrative...etc. through branches located within the boundaries of a State and registered in the Ministry of the economy on the basis of the decision of the Minister of Economy (No. 278) for the year 2009

  • Exclude governmental entities and institutions of the Federal entities from the payment for registration and the purchase of the tender documents.

  • The exemption of the companies’ owners of small and medium-sized enterprises which is owned by citizens (by 100%) of registration fees in the register of suppliers for the first two years of the date of the establishment of the company.


This services requires having a registered user on the ministry website. For creating a new user, click here and for login, click here.

Service Fees

Pay 1000 Dirhams + 3 Dirhams by using e-dirham card

Required Documents

  1. Trade License from Department of Economic Development

  2. Registration in the Commercial Register Certificate

  3. Chamber of Commerce and Industry membership

  4. Certification of partnership agreement, signature authorization card (issued by Ministry of Labour) (not required in case if the company is owned 100% to Emirati Citizen)

Service implementation procedures/steps:

  1. Create an account on MoF website, then register through the link below:

Service Statistics:

Number of Users:60
Number of Requests :32
Number of Users:263
Number of Requests:206
Number of Users:4
Number of Requests :8

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