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Issuing Value Added Tax Certificates

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This is a certificate issued for gove​rnment authorities, pri​vate sector companies and individuals to exempt them from Value Added Tax (VAT) in various countries ar​ound the world.​​

To view the service in action, please watch thisVideo

Duration of service provision

  • The expected duration during processing: 3 working days after getting the approval.
  • The expected duration for getting the result: 2 working days through Empost.

Location of service provision

ministry's website or ministry's smart application​

Target Audience

Companies, Government Sector, Private sector and individuals​​

Service Description Card​​

User Guide


Responsible Department

​International Financial Relations and Organisations

Responsible Officer

Ms Eshraq Saeed Mubarak

Phone Number : 043110213


Mr. Mohamed Reda Hendawy

Phone Number : 026987521

E-mail :

Requirements to get the service

  1. E-mail
  2. Register in the system
  3. Mobile number
  4. individuals : to be resident in the state 180 days at least
  5. Companies: the entity has practiced its activity in the State for at least a year


This services requires having a registered user on the ministry website. For creating a new user, click here and for login, click here.

service Fees

For individuals & companies

Pay 500 Dirhams + 3 Dirhams, paid through e-Dirham Card

The Payment for the certificate occurs, after the final approval of the request by the Ministry

For submitting the application

For individuals & companies:

Pay 100 Dirhams + 3 Dirhams, paid through e-Dirham Card

Lost, Damaged, or Copy of Original

For individuals & companies

Pay 100 Dirhams + 3 Dirhams, paid through e-Dirham Card

Required Documents

  1. A request letter signed by the authorised signatory
  2. A copy of the decree and act of incorporation

Service implementation procedures/steps:

  1. Create a new account on MoF website and apply through MOF website

  2. Review the applied documents

  3. After the payment is complete, a certificate will be issued and sent to your address by express courier. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Service Statistics:

Number of Users :42
Number of Requests :30
Number of Users :165
Number of Requests :186
Number of Users :3
Number of Requests :8

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