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Federal Financial Procedures

The federal financial procedures services support the needs of 56 ministries and federal entities through the Departments of Policies and Accounting Standards, and Financial Operations. Additionally, the Department of Coordination of Fiscal Policies works with ministries, federal autonomous authorities and local departments in the UAE governments.

These services aim to consolidate and develop procedures according to regulations, resolutions and circulars to keep pace with the changes, and ensure that all entities implement the financial procedures according to a consolidated manual detailing all governmental financial procedures and all the required steps for each procedure in terms of description, attachments and legal reference.

These services also include replying to inquiri es about ac counting to help accountants in federal entities to resolve any issues they might face. The user can refer to MoF technical support system for help. Also, training is provided for ministry and federal entity employees to be able to implement government financial procedures. To achieve this goal, MoF organises workshops and training sessions to explain the instructions of the Consolidated Financial Procedures Manual adopted by the federal government, in addition to explaining new fiscal laws, resolutions and policies approved by the cabinet.

Page last updated : 04/03/2018 12:06 PM