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​​ The following list includes 15 policies adopted at the Ministry of Finance (MoF) for which policies were issued to set out directives and mandatory grounds:

  1. Quality, Environment and Safety

    MoF is keen to implement the best practices, and to efficiently and effectively manage government resources, develop human resources, and protect the environment, safety, and occupational health in accordance with international standards.

    Quality, Environment and Safety policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  2. Cultural and Social Diversity

    By virtue of this policy, MoF treats everyone in a fair, equal and transparent manner without discrimination. The policy stipulates that Arabic is the official language, and English is the second language to be used in a work environment that respects traditions, customs and the cultural diversity of the residents of the UAE and the ministry's customers.

    Cultural and Social Diversity policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  3. Emiratisation

    MoF follows an Emiratisation policy for employment. This policy is based on qualifying and training employees, gradual and planned replacements, and the preparation of a generation of academically qualified national leaders capable of taking responsibility.

    Emiratisation policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  4. Open Door

    This policy aims to strengthen communication channels and maintain a positive and transparent dialogue between MoF leaders, employees, customers and partners as well as creating an effective working environment based on cooperation and mutual respect.

    Open Door policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  5. Confidentiality of Information

    MoF keeps the confidentiality of internal and external customers' data confidential, as well as all information collected to provide and develop services. Customer data is protected by regulatory and technical procedures.

    Confidentiality of Information policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  6. Electronic Information Security

    MoF adopts security systems that are periodically updated in exchanging and making information available to customers via electronic communication channels. All users are committed to strictly following these systems to prevent any hacking attacks or risks threatening information security, and network and website efficient performance.

    Electronic Information Security policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  7. Risk Management

    MoF applies ISO 31000, in line with the adopted methodology of transparency, objectivity, inclusiveness, autonomy and trust, as well as identifying and predicting the possible types of risks and estimating the odds of avoiding or facing up to such risks in the case that they occur.

    Risk Management policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  8. Social Responsibility

    The ministry is keen to achieve sustainable economic and social development. It is committed in all its practices and activities to the Social Responsibility guidelines laid forth in ISO 26000, including abiding by laws, respecting human rights, protecting the environment, strengthening institutional governance and community development and participation.

    Social Responsibility policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  9. Assets and Properties

    MoF is committed to effective management of its assets (buildings, devices, equipment and materials) according to the guidelines and criteria of registration, safe operation, maintenance and insurance. It is also committed to raising awareness of the optimal ways of using and maintaining such assets.

    Assets and Properties policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  10. Archiving Documents

    According to federal law, the ministry uses an archiving system for paper and electronic documents. This system follows the approved ISO standards in the field to ensure preserving these documents and providing guides for performing tasks and taking decisions.

    Archiving Documents policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  11. Business Continuity

    The aim of this policy is to ensure the availability of services for internal and external customers in accordance with applicable standards, excellence criteria and continuity and sustainability principles during any emergency and within the minimum limit of forced downtime.

    Business Continuity policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  12. Content Management

    MoF is committed to providing users with quick and easy access to the services of its internal and external websites. The ministry also seeks continuous improvement of its content to strengthen its online presence and satisfy customers around the clock.

    Content Management policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  13. Website Hosting

    This policy focuses on hosting the ministry's website on special servers under the responsibility of the IT department and infrastructure team. It also ensures continuous maintenance, provision of technical support, and keeping daily and weekly backups to avoid the loss of any data.

    Website Hosting policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  14. Electronic Records Management

    This policy is concerned with developing a database through a secure and safe record of signing in to the website and sources of IT within the ministry. This database includes all user data and current events to identify the activities being performed and to take the necessary actions in case of any hacking attacks.

    Electronic Records Management policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  15. Using Social Media​

    This policy aims to regulate the exchange and dissemination of information, interacting with the public, and replying to enquiries via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube according to the MoF vision, the reference guide of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and the objectives of government communications.

    Using Social Media policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  16. Follow-up e-participation to the public

    The Ministry of Finance follow-up e-participation to the public and customers through the website and social media channels, in order to monitor their needs and taking their suggestions and their participation is then to take a number of electronic decisions.

    Follow-up e-participation to the public policy​​   (policy document available only in arabic)

  17. e-participation

    The Ministry of Finance monitors socail channels and creates new and direct electronic communication with customers and the public to communicate and interact directly with them, as this has a major impact in improving system work.

    e-participation policy   (policy document available only in arabic)

  18. Open Data​

    The Ministry of Finance allow website visitors to a wide range of financial data, such as policies, reports and statistics in different formats with certain confidentiality and privacy standards

    Open Data policy   (policy document available only in arabic)


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