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Communication Strategy

​​​​Government Communication Strategy

The Government Communication Department at the Ministry of Finance (MoF) relies on a strategic plan that is based on developing effective government communication programs to support the ministry's vision. The department also adopts an innovative approach to continuously develop new concepts, methods and applications, while providing support to the ministry’s strategic goals and priorities.

The Media Policy for government communication by MoF has been drawn up to achieve the following objectives:

  • Supporting targets and priorities of the national agenda and the UAE Vision 2021.
  • Enhancing MoF internal and external communication, responding to media requests, and holding press conferences and briefing sessions.
  • Managing the image of MoF creatively and effectively across all sections of media.
  • Developing a balanced system to manage regional and international media relations.
  • Developing communication efforts, continuously adopting best practices, and evaluating media messages conveyed via different means, including:
    • Measuring community satisfaction levels
    • Measuring partners' opinions
    • Measuring employees' opinions
    • Monitoring media and preparing reports

Target Audience

The messages of the Government Communication Department at MoF target a large segment of the public, namely:

  • Government institutions
  • Individual customers; citizens and residents of the UAE
  • Partners within the public, private, financial and banking sectors
  • Suppliers and investors
  • Regional and international financial authorities and organisations
  • Media

Communication channels

The Government Communication Department works with audio, visual, print and electronic media, including social media, forums, direct chat applications, phones and SMS, among others.

Public & Private Messages

The public and private content of government communication messages varies according to the audience categories, but it is always committed to honesty, objectivity and transparency. This also reflects MoF’s achievements and objectives in keeping the audience informed, while also responding to enquiries regarding the ministry's work and services, including:

  • - The ministry's commitment to adopting best practices in managing government financial resources so as to achieve sustainability of resources, and to protect public funds.
  • - The ministry's success in implementing a balanced budget without deficit.
  • - The ministry's role in the promotion and success of Gulf Economic Integration, as well as encouraging intraregional and international trade, expanding the network of agreements on the avoidance of double taxation, protection of investment, and exchanging tax information.
  • - The ministry's efforts to promote and strengthen the UAE’s network of financial and economic relations with various countries, and regional and international financial institutions.
  • - Adopting policies with regard to transparency, disclosure, open data, training and development, environment, social responsibility, security, safety, and other policies according to the best international practices in these areas.

The Government Communication Department at MoF has developed its media plan according to an integrated strategy aimed towards strengthening its reputation and institutional identity, to manage government, media relations and internal communication and to introduce the target audience to the vision, mission, values and tasks of the ministry both internally and externally.

The department developed an integrated system to support the communication process. This system is based on an action plan that reflects the ministry's strategy, complying with the requirements of the Government Communication Office of the General Secretariat of the Cabinet. The plan includes an annual media agenda, works related to publications, monitoring and archiving, in addition to preparing reports and responding to press enquiries.

The Government Communication Department’s duties include identifying media content, communication tools and channels, developing media strategies and creating messages targeted at specific audience segments internally and externally, as well as customers and strategic partners to keep them up-to-date with the latest developments, services and events launched or organised by the ministry.

In performing its tasks, the Government Communication Department relies on ongoing research, analytical studies of the target audience and any changes that may occur to such audience. The department carefully chooses the optimal means of communication that suits each group, a particularly important consideration bearing in mind the hugely diverse population demographic in the UAE. The department also employs the most knowledgeable and efficient professional expertise to answer media questions and enquiries in an honest, objective and transparent way, in addition to using the most sophisticated and modern technology in electronic publishing.

Given the importance of communication skills and their effective role in the exchange of information, supporting planning and coordinating procedures, taking internal decisions and managing relations with the internal and external audience, the Government Communication Department organises training courses for employees at all levels to learn about communication skills, communication means and their role in the success of business.

The internal communication policy aims at disseminating and enhancing cooperation and team spirit to help achieve the ministry’s strategies and the following objectives:

  • Building effective partnerships within a coherent and integrated work environment with the same goals and objectives
  • Increasing the participation level among employees in terms of exchanging knowledge and information, and avoiding duplication of work
  • Raising awareness among employees about the objectives, mission and mechanism of MoF, as well as its quest for achieving leadership and excellence
  • Enabling employees to make the right decisions based on knowledge

The Government Communication Department is committed in all its projects and programs to MoF's responsibilities towards the impacts of its activities and resolutions on the environment and society. It adheres to values, transparency and all facets that contribute to sustainable development, while also ensuring it meets its partners’ and customers’ expectations.

The department also abides by the laws, regulations, international standards of conduct, and the best international practices in ISO 26000, which branches into institutional governance, human rights, fair operating practices, customers' issues and local community participation.

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