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Ministry Strategic Plan 2017-2021

​​​ The Ministry of Finance has developed an ambitious but realistic strategy, targeted at centralising and providing the highest levels of se​rvice to its diverse range of valued customers.

The ministry has also taken into account the significant impact of regional and international changes financially and economically, and these factors have been considered in the drawing up of the strategy.

The Strategic Plan was prepared and developed through the joint efforts of leaders, managers and officials within various departments and organisational units, while comprising the following key considerations:

  • The leadership vision and the direction of the UAE Strategic Plan.
  • ​Extensive analysis of external and internal factors that affect the performance of the ministry.
  • Analysis of questionnaires completed by influential groups of customers affected by the performance of the ministry.
  • The diagnosis of capabilities and key competencies within the ministry.
  • Analysis of resources and strategic potentials available to the ministry.
  • Best international practices in the management of financial resources.
  • Internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and external risks.

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