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Ibda’a E-Program

​​​​​ MoF work teams have developed a set of electronic systems for strategic planning and monitoring workflow. These systems include ‘Injaz’; the task management system, ‘Mahami’; and the monthly achievement system ‘Injazatina’ in addition to the work teams and committees’ management system, and the meeting management system.

Ibda’a E-Program

With a view to encouraging creativity and innovation, and improving performance effectiveness, efficiency and excellence in all departments, MoF developed the Ibda’a E-Program for planning and monitoring purposes. The program includes three sub-systems concerned with assessment, correspondence, minutes, task management, monitoring and evaluating employee achievements.

This advanced technical program is used to facilitate approvals, update and evaluate the initiatives and activities of the ministry’s numerous departments. It also links these initiatives and activities to budget items and Hyperion software to prepare zero-based budgeting, providing reports on the financial performance of each initiative, and linking the activities with identified risks to support change management plans.

The system provides a means for monitoring, and continuous interaction among team members, line managers and the top management of the ministry. It also provides statistics on the status and performance of strategic and operational plans, in addition to providing daily performance and general monthly reports, to assist in follow-up of initiatives and plans.

The program's sub-systems are concerned with evaluation, meetings and task management. The sub-systems’ tasks are as follows:

  • Evaluation: Identification of primary and secondary evaluation standards, the means of acquiring them and the results.
  • Meetings: Giving attention to minutes of all meetings, communicating with attendees and stakeholders regarding the minutes and recommendations.
  • Task management: Linking employee tasks to minutes, communicating with stakeholders regarding their respective tasks, as well as the possibility of responding to, evaluating and displaying task statuses.

The Planning Department is working on adding new features to Ibda’a, enabling it to prepare a final report on the initiatives and the results of SWOT and PESTEL analysis at departmental level. It also facilitates the determination of contribution rates for each employee in task completion, thus helping in the evaluation of his/her overall performance.

Injaz E-Program

With a view to encouraging creativity and innovation in the work environment, and strengthening achievement practices to improve effectiveness and efficiency, MoF has developed an electronic program for planning and monitoring purposes, under the name of Injaz, to help develop and monitor strategic and operational plans.

​ Injaz uses its acclaimed software to add technology to the process of developing and approving action plans, initiatives and detailed activities for all ministry departments and work teams. It also links these to the employee performance evaluation system. The system links initiatives to expenditure items in the zero-based budgeting, which facilitates mechanisms of measuring government spending efficiency, through analysis and a number of reports that reflect the financial performance of the initiatives.

The program offers a series of general and specific measurements and reports that provide statistics on the status of strategic and operational plans, along with their evaluation results. It also provides a monthly general report about achievements, a daily performance report that shows the progress of the initiative according to approved plans, and includes an evaluation subsystem that works in line with standards drawn from the ministry's values, an unprecedented advancement in the region.

Injaz has contributed to enhancing departmental performance by adding, monitoring and accurately evaluating initiatives. It supports the methodology for monitoring employee tasks and achievements, and evaluating their individual and collective performance through linking tasks and achievements automatically to a newly developed system named ADAEE to develop, monitor and measure employee annual work plans. This new system is one of the ministry's continued creative inputs targeted at achieving quality, excellence and innovation.

The use of this system has garnered a number of positive results, most notably the improvement of confidentiality, reliability and credibility of input and output in developing, monitoring and evaluating plans. It also helps the ministry in developing strategic and operational plans and budgets, setting and monitoring strategic objectives, operational plans and the initiatives included within, alongside activities in coordination with departments and related work teams. The system also helps monitor strategic and operational indicators, ensuring they are valid and suggesting the corrective procedures as required.

The system helps to evaluate work team performance in relation to the completion of operational plans, according to the approved standards. It evaluates employee, department and sector performance, by monitoring their work, progress and achievements. The system also prepares all required reports and statistics easily and automatically in the most appropriate way and in the specified timeframe. It allows quick comparison between results and statistics of previous years and months. The results of previous strategic plans can also be archived, retrieved, and searched for effortlessly in order to enhance, easily manage and use the repository of knowledge for setting expectations and making decisions.

The system has undergone a number of development processes to meet work requirements. A new feature was developed to apply the methodology of change risk management, to develop the change plan on the level of each and every initiative, and to measure the performance of plans at all levels (work teams, departments, sectors and the ministry).

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