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Our Innovation Team

In line with its strategic vision, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) relies on team work and team spirit, which unites employees at all departmental and organisational levels. Together, they face up to challenges by offering up creative solutions and implementing them in professionally and innovatively, according to institutional and individual cooperation rules that ensure continuous development and sustainable growth.

Enhancing productivity and developing team skills have always been a core focus of the internal work of MoF. The ministry employs leadership techniques and models approved in international financial institutions, identifies the administrative, organisational and communication skills necessary for facing challenges and for assisting the leadership's role in management of work teams. MoF also adopts motivation techniques that strengthen the sense of institutional affiliation, and creates a positive environment that encourages creativity and productivity.

Building Work Teams

The art of leadership and building high-performance work teams is a matter of special importance to MoF. The ministry makes certain that all department officials and employees are given information and are aware of the skill levels and knowledge required from leaders of work teams. These include:

  • Types and qualities of leaders
  • Leadership principles and administrative supervision
  • The concept of work teams, their importance, types and methods of forming them
  • Developing leadership, communication and motivation skills
  • Enabling those concerned with carrying out leadership tasks efficiently
  • Ability to make the right decisions

Minister of Finance Institutional Award of Excellence

Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance, praised the efforts exerted by the ministry’s teams, each of which played a significant role in achieving a number of accomplishments.

The list of honourees of the 'Minister of Finance Institutional Award of Excellence' is as follows:

  • Main Category:
    • Outstanding Federal Department: Human Resources Department
  • Sub Categories:
    • Outstanding Department in Institutional Leadership: Information Technology Departmentance Department
    • Outstanding Department in Providing Services: Revenue Development Department
    • Outstanding Department in Human Resources: Budget Department
    • Outstanding Department in Community Participation: Accounting Policies and Standards Department
  • Working Teams Category:
    • Outstanding Team in Developing Services: The team responsible for the development and implementation of the Federal Financial System
    • Outstanding Joint Team: The team responsible for the implementation of the Federal Wage System
  • Creativity and Institutional Innovation Category:
    • Creative Idea: Emirates Gate for GFS Reports
    • Creative Leader: Faisal Al Mansouri
    • Creative Employee: Mariam Al Shamsi
  • Career Excellence (Stars of Excellence):
    • Supervisory Field: Ali Hamdan
    • Specialist Field: Sarah Al Habshi
    • Administrative Field: Mariam Ahmed Mohammed
    • Customer Service Field: Ahmed Hijazi
    • New Employee: Shamma Youssef
    • Unknown Soldier: Ahmed Mohammed Abu Al Hamad
    • Ideal Driver: Abdel Bari Kuna

A standout, innovative team within the ministry is the Human Resources Department. The team achieved the following accomplishments:

  • Developing and automating the performance management system, preparing and publishing an introductory film for internal use to disseminate and strengthen the concept of performance management. This electronic system was presented as the best practice at both local and Federal level. It was reviewed by the Prime Minister's Office, Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Social Affairs and Roads & Transport Authority in Dubai.
  • Obtaining the Human Resources Award from the Department of Economic Development, Emirates Award of Government Excellence for Outstanding Federal Authority in Human Resources, Outstanding team in Improving Internal Performance Award, Employee Performance Management System Award from FAHR, Masar Initiative Implementation Award from FAHR, Motivating Employees according to Performance System Award from FAHR, The Enforcement of Employees' Contracts Award from FAHR, ISO Certificate for Training, and achieving first place in the Initiative of Careers Development at the Ministry.
  • Implementing mobile library projects, e-library and Knowledge Gate to strengthen institutional culture, to support reading and to disseminate knowledge.

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